Taeho Kwon

Craftsmanship Across the Board

Taeho Kwon attended East Carolina University majoring in Commercial Arts with plans on becoming an interior designer. His true goal was to make his own designs, instead of hiring contractors.  To achieve this, he became a carpenter learning everything from framing, to interior work with a desire to learn all he could while improving his skills.  After 12 years, he decided to take it a step further and extend his understanding of joinery. In 2010, Taeho traveled to Korea and attended The School of Traditional Korean Architect Buildings. He learned how to make Buddhist Temples and a “King’s Palace”. Since then, he has spent numerous years gaining experience in the maintenance and restoration of Korean Traditional Homes as well as Temple building. His reason for focusing on Temples was to improve his knowledge of joinery and the secrets of how to make it last thousands of years.  Temple building involves unique skills and complex joinery that Taeho incorporates into his furniture. 

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