Patrick Murrin

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Patrick Murrin works as an artisan woodworker in his studio in the Indianapolis area, and has been doing this full time for over 10 years. In his studio, he makes furniture, architectural installations, built-in cabinetry, and fine art pieces for his clients. Pat realized his love for woodworking during high school with a company that refurbished vintage mahogany Chris Craft boats.  After his experience in boat refurbishing, he acquired several different woodworking and remodeling jobs. This inspired him to study construction management, design, and architecture. During his studies he attended MASW and was an intern and then received his Masters in 2010. All these studies aided him in turning woodworking into his livelihood. The best part about coming to MASW for Pat was this is where he met and fell in love with Marc’s daughter, Markee. They now have a beautiful daughter, Evelyn (more affectionately known to Grandma and Grandpa as “Buttons”).  

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