When I started the school back in the early 1990’s, I was confronted with the possibility that no one would travel to Indiana to take a workshop. I was told by a director of another craft school “people only take workshops at vacation destinations.” Fortunately, I knew better and was sure people would come for the education, not the landscape. But I also understood the importance of building a community. Not community like a municipality, but community like kinship.

Kinship doesn’t just apply to lineage; it can also occur through a common cause. I realized from the beginning that MASW had to have a unique atmosphere, where knowledge is power, community is strength and belonging is everything. Regardless of skill, age or how introverted or extroverted a person might be, no one is judged, everyone is equal and regardless of the path, we are all headed in the same direction.

Beyond the design, details, dovetails and dust of each workshop, students gain self-confidence in their abilities to make items they never thought possible. Talent cannot be taught, but craftsmanship can. Creativity flourishes at MASW which in turn leads to inspired learning. Everyone, from our students and our staff to even the instructors, is affected by the creative Spirit that is present every moment of everyday.

Kinship and the creative Spirit are vital for MASW to be a fulfilling experience. Yet I knew there was one more element that had to exist. There are friends, there are families, and then there are friends that become families. Yes, MASW is a place for learning new skills, making projects, discovering new technologies, refining traditional techniques, applying details that define your work and observing renown masters make static materials become dynamic. But for all the learning, kinship and Spirit, it is the memories made, in the middle of a corn field, that people treasure the most.

Over the years I have witnessed all these elements come together in miraculous ways. For a community to be whole and vibrant, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other. Last summer when Zane fell ill, the outpouring of affection from the MASW family proved that the community of MASW was its own best blessing. Yes, people come to MASW to learn how to “make” items with their hands and minds. But it’s the heart of the community that brings everyone back year after year. Life brings tears, smiles and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories and friendships last forever. I can never thank the MASW community enough for what they mean to Susie, me and our entire staff, but this is a start. Thank you, for all you have done for us.

Marc Adams


More Than Just Woodworking

The beauty of MASW lies in the diversity of our workshops. This summer there will be over 220 workshops, of which 70% will be different than those workshops offered in 2019. Our strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities.

The lineup for 2020 will include the entire range of woodworking workshops PLUS feature workshops in: metalsmithing, glass blowing, mosaic work, painting, mastering chocolate (yes the edible kind), making neon signs, stereotomy, CNC technology, instrument making, blacksmithing, book binding, leather work, upholstery, basket making, calligraphy, paper sculpture, forging kitchenware and special workshops that are designed specifically for philanthropic purposes.

What makes MASW unique is that our student base is worldwide, our instructors are the best craftspeople of modern time, and our staff and facilities are beyond compare. If you are considering some type of training or formal education in the world of “how to”, then the choice is straightforward—MASW simply offers more choices, better diversity, and bona fide credibility. There is no other university, college, vocational program, YouTube video, online workshop or general woodworking/craft school on the planet that can boast that.



The Marc Adams School of Woodworking is conveniently located just 12 miles south of Indianapolis and is one of the largest hands-on woodworking schools in the world with well over 40,000 square feet of space. It is possible to run six independent workshops all at the same time in completely different facilities. The school has four large bench rooms, three huge tool rooms, a dedicated turning center, a building for glass blowing and metal working, a cafeteria that can serve 100 people at a time, a wonderful multimedia room, and an outbuilding for special classes.


The facility features wireless internet service, so bring your own laptop. There are six clean bathrooms (four of which are wheelchair accessible). The buildings are air conditioned, but during the summer students should plan on dressing comfortably. The school also has a FEMA approved tornado shelter that can hold 80+ people.

At each instructor’s bench, there is a state-of-the-art digital camera system that puts you closer to the action. A specially designed sound system is available for those who have a hard time hearing during class lectures. Each student has his or her own custom-made Lie-Nielsen workbench and a padded stool on which to sit. There are cushioned mats which eliminate the stress of standing on concrete all day.

There are plenty of power tools and even more hand tools to aid in the learning process. Each tool room offers plenty of workspace, along with a variety of well-maintained equipment.


The facility will not be open on Sunday afternoons if there is not a scheduled workshop.
Students attending full week workshops should plan on arriving the first day of class by 7:45 a.m.
For weekend workshops students should arrive by 8:45 a.m.


The shop is located just 12 miles south of Indianapolis and is only 25 miles from the Indianapolis International Airport. From Indianapolis take I-65 south to the Whiteland exit (exit mile marker 95). Turn left (east) on Whiteland Road and drive 2.2 miles. The shop is on the left hand (north) side of the road. Heading north from Louisville, take I-65 to the Whiteland exit (exit mile marker 95). Turn right (east) on Whiteland Road and drive two miles. The shop is on the left hand (north) side of the road. The building is brown, and the sign says:


Gift Certificates from MASW

There is no better way to celebrate that special occasion, holiday, retirement, anniversary or birthday than to give a MASW gift certificate. It’s easy to do! Just call 317-535-4013 and ask for Paula. Tell her the dollar amount and if possible the class choice (to assure a spot). She will send you (or the recipient) a very attractive gift certificate and copy of our brochure. Please note that all gift certificates are a final transaction and are non-refundable. Gift certificates do not expire.