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MASW originally started with a curriculum based specifically on woodworking. Within five years the curriculum shifted to woodworking with additional workshops ancillary to woodworking. Ten years ago, we started to include workshops that had very little to do with woodworking. This allowed MASW to expand the curriculum in new directions, which opened the door for innovative craft opportunities.

Here is a glimpse of the incredibly talented people who will be sharing their gifts at MASW this summer.

Marc Adams

Marc Adams has been woodworking professionally for more than 36 years. In 1991, he became a technical consultant to the WWPA, SFPA, AHEC, and the U.S. government, representing the United States on International Quality of Furniture Making. His work has appeared in Design Book Six and Design Book Seven, and his shop was featured in The Workshop by Taunton Press. In addition, his work has appeared in many national publications and has been featured on the front cover of Woodshop News and Fine Woodworking. Marc has been a panel commentator at the prestigious International Woodworking Fair and AWFS trade shows. He has won the Indiana Artist/Craftsman of the Year award three times and periodically does TV and radio talk shows on woodworking topics. He co-authored the book Working With Plastic Laminates and authored The Difference Makers — The 4th Generation to be released in the spring of 2019 by Lost Art Press.His Technical Techniques video series was awarded four Telly awards and in 2013 he made a video on The Table Saw for Fine Woodworking magazine. Marc has written numerous articles including an eight-part series on workshop safety for Popular Woodworking magazine. He has been a judge for the 2008 and 2016 Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge Awards and the 2009 AWFS Fresh Wood Student Competition. He lectures nationally for universities, guilds and trade shows. In 1998, he was chosen as one of Indiana’s Top 40 Under 40 in the local business community and in May of 2017, Marc received an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Indianapolis. The Governor of Indiana awarded Marc with a Sagamore of the Wabash, which is Indiana’s highest civilian honor.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson has always been fascinated with innovative woodworking tools and machinery. He was given his first set of wood carving tools at the age of 12 and started purchasing his own woodworking tools and machinery while still in high school. In 1991 he co-founded Legacy Woodworking Machinery and introduced the Ornamental Mill, a router based five axis milling machine that specializes in machining between centers. In 2008, Legacy launched a line of multi-station CNC machinery designed specifically for building furniture. Tracy has taught CAD/CAM programming for woodworking since 2008. He teaches a weekly CNC training webinar, has produced hundreds of training videos and designed dozens of custom cutting tools. In 2010, he designed CAM software specifically for CNC machining and turning between centers. Tracy is currently working with high school shop teachers, students and industry leaders to develop a website designed to assist shop teachers which implements CNC technology into their programs, preparing students for high tech careers in cabinet making and woodworking.

Jimmy Clewes

JIMMY CLEWES is not your ordinary woodturner. At first meeting, one would think of him as a renegade, a free thinker, and not the stereotypical woodturner. His charming British style, unending wit, creative mind, and magnetic personality are only some of the attributes that make him popular on the woodturning demonstration circuit. Jimmy is on the Register of Professional Woodturners in the United Kingdom and a member of the American Association of Woodturners. He has over 22 years of experience in woodturning and woodworking. The demand for his services as a freelance demonstrator takes him all across the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. He is a frequent contributor to Woodturner magazine. In 2003 he produced a critically acclaimed DVD series that is selling vigorously around the world.

Michael Cooper

MICHAEL COOPER has been fooling around with wood and metal-working since he was a kid and hasn’t grown up much since then. After finally graduating from San Jose State College and U.C. Berkeley with some sort of degree in the 60’s, he was shown the door. For 34 years, he faked his way as a college art teacher, teaching sculpture, 3D design, furniture design and drawing, before being purged from the system. He has somehow won numerous awards and has been encouraged to leave the United States (quite officially) many times to make things elsewhere. He bends wood well and often joins wood with odd bits and pieces of other materials and has shown his work around the world. Michael’s work is remarkable and definitely worth checking out at www.michaelcooper.us for examples of his art and his unique way of thinking and working.

Doug Dale

DOUG DALE has worked at MASW for 18 years, and he is in charge of student affairs and all of the in-house maintenance. At one time, he held the record for the most classes attended in one summer—17 classes. He obviously has completed his Masters and in 2005 taught his first class at the school along with Zane Powell on Machine Maintenance, Jigs and Fixtures. Doug currently tests tools for Fine Woodworking magazine. When he’s not working at the school (or driving to and from the school—he lives in Ohio and drives more than 100 miles one way each day), he is working in his shop making furniture and cabinets and dabbling in restoration. He is a dedicated employee who has motivated and inspired everyone through his wit and enthusiasm. Doug has lectured nationally for the Consumer Woodworking Expo. He has starred in five videos with Popular Woodworking: The Table Saw, The Bandsaw, The Router, The Drill Press and Mortiser, and The Jointer & Planer.

David DelaGardelle

DAVID DELAGARDELLE has been studying the art of European swordsmithing for over 15 years and has been working as a full-time bladesmith and artist since 2009. He focuses his work on crafting “mythopoetic” Northern-European styled swords, knives, axes and other edged weapons, and is inspired by sources of both historical and fantasy context. He has crafted swords for films such as Marvel Comic’s Thor, and has sold his work to customers around the world. He is passionate about sharing the craft of bladesmithing with others, and hopes to help each of his students find their unique voice through the medium of fine blade-crafting.

Mike Dubber

MIKE DUBBER has been a hand engraver since his first year as a high school art teacher in the late 1960’s. His current major concentration is on vintage Colt Firearms, although his days are filled with hand engraving on a variety of subjects from antique and modern firearms to jewelry and inscription plates. Mike is a Founding Member of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) and served in many FEGA offices over the years, including FEGA President from 1998 to 2004. He is recognized as a FEGA Master Engraver and Colt Master Engraver. He has been honored by the Colt Collectors Association (CCA) with commissions for the 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2014 “Show Guns”. In addition, Mike has also won the CCA Howard Dove Award for Best Engraved Colt on five occasions, including “The Greatest Generation Colt .45 Auto”. At the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, KY, Mike was awarded the NRA Silver Medallion Award for his entry into the “Ten Best Arms” competition. His Master Project, “The Greatest Generation Colt” is shown on the front and back covers of C. Roger Bleile’s 2014 book, American Engravers, III. In 2016 Governor Mike Pence awarded Mr. Dubber with a Sagamore of the Wabash, which is Indiana’s highest civilian honor.

W. Patrick Edwards

W. PATRICK EDWARDS began his career in physics by building an atom smasher for the science fair and taking top honors. After graduation from UCSD with a degree in Applied Physics, he realized that his true passion was with antiques, not high energy particles. He had established a business in 1969 which specialized in restoration of pre-industrial antiques, and in 1973 he “retired” from his full time physics career to devote all his energies to that business, Antique Refinishers, Inc. Countless trips to the East Coast visiting historic houses and museums, research at Winterthur, and attending “ecoleBoulle” in Paris have all added invaluable experience to his understanding of how antiques were made and what tools and materials were used. He created several television shows about antiques, two of which were nominated for Emmys. Patrick has contributed articles to the early SAPFM journal, Fine Woodworking, Woodwork, American Woodworker and other publications. He developed a liquid hide glue, Old Brown Glue, which has received wide acceptance for its excellent working characteristics. For Patrick, the complex process of creating marquetry is just as challenging as working in the physics industry, and more fun.

Theodore {Ted} Ellison

THEODORE (TED) ELLISON studied art and apprenticed in a glass studio before starting his leaded glass and mosaic company in 1998. Honoring the artistic integrity of the Arts & Crafts tradition, he’s created original glass, mosaic and lighting designs for new construction and historic homes all over the country. His work has appeared in Fine Homebuilding, Old House Interiors, Style 1900 and Old House Journal. He’s written on the history of glass for American Bungalow and presented on the history of mosaic at the National Arts & Crafts Conference in Asheville and the Pasadena Heritage Craftsman Weekend. His work is based on the firm belief that thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted artworks enhance the lives of those who encounter them.

Michael Fortune

MICHAEL FORTUNE maintains his studio near Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where he designs one-of-a-kind furniture for private residences across North America. He has taught at Sheridan College, Ryerson University, Rochester Institute of Technology and the Savannah College of Art and Design. He was the first woodworker to receive the prestigious Prix Bronfman Award, Canada’s highest award in the crafts. Michael has won dozens of honors, awards, and prizes. His work is on permanent collection at several museums, including Claridge Collection of Canadian Art and Craft in Montreal, Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, and the Ontario Crafts Council Collection. He was recently inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and awarded a Queen’s Jubilee medal and has been featured in just about every woodworking magazine in existence. Michael received the Award of Distinction from the Furniture Society in 2007 and in 2010 became a contributing editor to Fine Woodworking. This is Michael’s 20th year teaching at MASW.

John Hamm

JOHN HAMM designs and builds leaded glass windows and lighting for commission in his Whittier, CA studio. He began his career in glass in 1979.
Trained as an artist from birth by his artist-painter father, John is a natural who has worked in many media. He found his passion when hired by a museum-quality Tiffany reproduction studio at the age of 21. He has worked full time as a glass artist since 1984, and has run his own studio, Hamm Glass Studios, since 1989. Through the years, John has trained a number of apprentices in his studio. His passion and skills have allowed him to become one of the foremost authorities on leaded glass in the Arts & Crafts style. His commissions have included clients from all over the United States.

Steve Hamilton

STEVE HAMILTON, one of Virginia’s native sons, is responsible for building many of the most magnificent pieces of our generation. He has participated in the building, finishing, and restoration of furniture found in some of the most prestigious private collections in the country. His work can be seen at Colonial Williamsburg, Carlisle House, Mt. Vernon, The White House and the U.S. Parks Service, to name a few. He apprenticed with Mack S. Headley, Sr., and has been a master builder with Mack S. Headley and Sons for over 30 years. During that time, Steve has taught building, restoration and finishing of fine furniture to four apprentices and has recently acquired the nickname of “Browndew” but you’ll have to attend his workshop to find out exactly what that means.

Stephen Hatcher

STEPHEN HATCHER showed an aptitude for realistic drawing at a very early age. Though art has held a lifetime interest for Stephen, several years at the University of Washington lead to degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Retiring from engineering in 2004, Stephen turned his focus to woodturning and stone carving, where combining these techniques led to his unique style of artwork. Almost immediately upon embarking on this new career, Stephen was invited to participate in national and international art exhibits. He had his work acquired by notable collectors and museums, and had his artwork included in seven books and numerous magazines including being selected as the most innovative wood artist in 2007 by Southwest Art magazine. In 2013 and 2014, respectively, Stephen was an Artist-in-Residence at Denali National Park, AK and Gates of the Arctic National Park, AK. In addition to MASW, Stephen teaches design, inlay, and finishing techniques at several other renowned schools as well as demonstrating or lecturing at clubs and symposiums across the country. He resides on Oyster Bay in western Washington State with his wife Brenda, several pets, and a 1000 sq. ft. shop/studio woodshop.

Jeff Headley

JEFF HEADLEY, a fourth-generation cabinetmaker, is continuing the family business, Mack S. Headley and Sons (not to be confused with Mack Headley, Jr., of Colonial Williamsburg), of reproducing pieces of American furniture built before the 1820’s. The Headley’s shop is located outside of Berryville, VA, in the historic Shenandoah Valley, 60 miles west of Washington, D.C. Jeff has written for Fine Woodworking, demonstrated on the Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill, and lectured to many organizations and museums, including Colonial Williamsburg. He was hired as an instructor by the government and worked for many divisions of the military and The Park Service. The Headley’s have worked for many museums, such as Mount Vernon, The Carlyle House, Mosbys Tavern, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The White House and The Park Service and have done work for many heads of state and other dignitaries. Jeff lives with his wife, Susan, in Clarke County, VA between Winchester and Berryville, with their four dogs and three cats. Jeff also raises a small herd of Hereford and Angus cows on the family farm.

Mark Hedin

MARK HEDIN is no stranger to woodworking, having been self-employed in the trade for the last 22 years, both as a custom homebuilder and a maker of high-end cabinetry, freestanding furniture and multimedia commissions. Mark received his education in the areas of design, architecture, and craft by attending classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, Ball State, and Miami University before completing his undergraduate degree at Indiana University. As owner and operator of Heartwood Builders, Inc., Mark’s craftsmanship and eye for design received publicity in local newspaper coverage of one of the unique and energy efficient custom homes he designed and built. Mark won the MASW Student of the Year award in 2010–the same year he completed his Masters. Mark is now a full-time member of the MASW staff and continues to teach and lecture nationally. He has taught classes from furniture design to woodturning and from stain glass to concrete casting. His contributions to the world of woodworking have been noted in publications such as Fine Woodworking magazine and Popular Woodworking as well as several books on the subject. His work resides nationally in private collections around the world. When he’s not wrapped up in the world of woodworking, he enjoys spending time with his two young beautiful children.

Matt Kenney

MATT KENNEY is a professional box and furniture maker living in Northwest Connecticut. Not too long ago, he spent a year designing and making 52 unique boxes. He undertook the project as a means to improve his design skills, but found that the woodworking community at large was interested in what he was doing, and they followed along intently as he wrote about the boxes each week on his website. After he completed the project, he wrote a book about his experience: 52 Boxes in 52 Weeks (Taunton Press). Matt teaches woodworking around the world, writes about the craft, and spent 10 years as an editor at Fine Woodworking magazine, where he was featured in the magazine and instructional videos, and was a co-host of the popular Shop Talk Live podcast.

Mitch Kohanek

MITCH KOHANEK had formally been an instructor for the National Institute of Wood Finishing at Dakota County Technical College in Minnesota for 35 years. His graduates have become the best professional finishers in furniture restoration, spot repair artists, and pre-finishers this country has to offer. His program was the only certified finishing program in America and has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Wood and Fine Woodworking magazines, and he has written for American Woodworker and Fine Woodworking magazines. Mitch is currently part of Fresh Air Finishers which is a high-end finishing company in St. Paul, MN. Fresh Air Finishers is a standalone company specializing green on site location finishing, custom finishing, and onsite wood repair and restoring. He had performed an internship at the Smithsonian Conservation and Analytical Laboratory and is a member of the American Institute of Conservation. He has lectured for The Woodworking Shows out of Los Angeles and is a consultant to the entire finishing industry.

Alan Lacer

ALAN LACER has been involved in the turning field for more than 40 years as a turner, teacher, writer, exhibition coordinator, demonstrator and past president of the AAW. His work has appeared in a number of regional and national shows and exhibitions. As a demonstrator and instructor, he has appeared in all 50 states and five foreign countries. His writings (over 150 published articles, tips or columns) have covered technical aspects of woodturning and finishing, numerous specific projects, the history of woodturning, and the turning traditions of Japan and Germany. He has published one book with another near completion. Alan has also produced five videos on his own, with three of them winning a total of five national awards. In 1999, the AAW selected him for their Lifetime Honorary Member Award for his contributions to the field. He was a regular writer for American Woodworker, and after his appearance on the PBS program Woodturner’s Workshop, he became known to all his fans at MASW as the “TURNminator.”

Steve Latta

STEVE LATTA makes both contemporary and traditional furniture while teaching woodworking at Thaddeus Stevens College in Lancaster, PA. He is a contributing editor to Fine Woodworking magazine and has released several videos on inlay and furniture construction. He has lectured at Colonial Williamsburg, The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, and Winterthur Museum as well as numerous other schools and guilds. Working in conjunction with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, he helped develop and market a set of contemporary inlay tools. Steve is an active member with the Furniture Society, The Society of American Period Furniture Makers and the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. He lives with his wife, Elizabeth, in rural, southeastern Pennsylvania.

David Lee

DAVID LEE, studio owner, together with his son Brian, make up Hot Shop Valpo glass blowing studio. The three have worked together for years creating beautiful works of art from individual vessels, paperweights and marbles, cremation ash memorial art, to large architectural installations. Their work has found its way into collections across the country from California to Key West Florida. Permanent architectural installations reside in hospitals, municipal buildings, and universities across the Midwest. The duo has been juried into the prestigious Indiana Artisans. Both father and son are dynamic yet patient instructors. “Glass is an adrenaline charged medium. It is urgent in that once you start something you have to finish it. Glass has a mind of its own with many factors working against the artist, such as gravity and temperature but that is what makes it so exciting.”

Rudolph Lopez

RUDOLPH LOPEZ began his relationship with wood over 40 years ago as a craftsman of fine furniture and cabinetry. With an education in drafting and design and many years working as a professional photographer, the transition into woodturning has been a seamless flow into another creative endeavor. He has demonstrated at regional and national symposia across the country as well as teaching at clubs, schools of arts and crafts. Rudolph’s work has been featured in several American Association of Woodturners juried exhibitions at national symposiums and the AAW Gallery of Wood Art in St. Paul, MN. He received the Raymond James Gasparilla Festival of the Arts Emerging Artist Award in 2009, and chosen by the AAW as one of four international emerging artists of 2012.

Stephen Proctor

STEPHEN PROCTOR is currently a furniture designer/maker who lectures throughout the world. He has an M.A. degree in furniture design from the Royal College of Art in London, England. From 1975 to 1988, he was involved with the Wendell Castle School in Scottsville, NY, and became Dean there in 1981. He taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology and has lectured at woodworking schools throughout North America. His furniture has been exhibited in London, Tokyo, Basle, New York, Chicago, and Washington and has been featured in Fine Woodworking, Vogue, London Times, American Craft, and Corporate Showcase. Stephen is an excellent instructor who is unparalleled when it comes to problem solving and hand skills.

Bjorn Rettig

BJORN RETTIG is a MASW Master and is working on the Michael Fortune Fellowship. He has been making sawdust for 20 years, but has been using computers for 40. Even though initially woodworking was his way to get away from computers, it was only a matter of time until a “computer numeric control” (CNC) became part of his woodworking repertoire. Bjorn is a member of the School of Visual Philosophy in San Jose where he has a private artist studio in which he works on 3D forms in a combination of CNC and hand tool woodworking. Bjorn is also a member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard where he teaches computer science classes.

Kathy Wise

KATHY WISE has always had a strong love for animals along with a talent for sculpture. She has worked with many companies including Simson, Westland, United Design and Encore Group. Kathy has designed and sculpted over 1000 different items in over 40 lines that have been sold worldwide. She started working with wood in 2002 when she began designing custom patterns for her father-in-law’s Intarsia craft business. In the fall of 2004, ScrollSaw Woodworking & Crafts published the first article by Kathy and she has been in over 56 issues. Kathy was the winner of five Intarsia first place awards (2006-2011) and people’s choice award (2011) in the Design in Wood show, San Diego. She is the author of three books: Intarsia Birds: Woodworking the Wise Way, Intarsia Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Woodworking for Beginners.