Update July 2 , 2020

Its Finally Here (and Almost Complete)

Our opening on June 1, proved to be a big success. It is possible to live, work and play in a Covid world. By following three simple rules; masks, distancing and disinfecting, we showed it is still possible to laugh, be social, bond with new friends, eat good food and learn new techniques–all while being safe! We had over 100 people from across America who made our kick-off month a huge success.

As we head into July,

Indiana will move into phase 5, our last phase of opening, which lifts nearly all restrictions. Keeping our students safe is still our top priority. Although Indiana will ease on restrictions, MASW will not. Students will still be required to wear masks, which is a good idea in a woodshop anyway. Our benches and lathes will remain over 6 feet apart and plastic screens will be optional. Lunches will still be prepared on an individual basis and we will continue with our morning check in routine for a few more months. None of these precautions stand in the way of having fun.

In April and May, MASW had about 700 students displaced because of the mandatory shut down. It has been my goal since the end of March to find a way to move our postponed workshops into our existing summer/fall schedule. This game of Tetris hasn’t been easy. It required three key elements that had to “fit” before the reschedule workshops could be made public. First the State of Indiana had to be at our final stage of opening. Second, there had to be openings in our existing schedule where postponed workshops would fit. And third, our instructors had to work their schedules into ours.

Although it is time to make this information public, Paula is working on notifying all students who originally signed up for these classes. They have first rights to their rescheduled workshops. This will take a just over a week to complete. Students who signed up for any displaced class in April and May, and rolled their deposits forward, are next in line to have the opportunity to sign up. And finally, all rescheduled workshops will open to the public.

A Few Items to Note About This Updated Schedule:

  • A few workshops are still to be added to this list. We are working on finalizing dates with instructors.

  • One instructor is recovering from cancer treatments and is currently unable to travel. We have found other phenomenal MASW instructors, who have taught the same classes, to fill in.

  • Some workshops were not possible to reschedule this year but are on the schedule for 2021. Students who rolled their deposits forward and are unable to use them in 2020, can apply them to the same class in 2021 or any class in 2021 or 2022.

  • The best way to sign up for rescheduled workshops is by emailing Marc (marc@marcadams.com) or Paula (paula@marcadams.com). You can also call during business hours (9:00 am to 4:30 pm) at 317-535-4013

  • As of July 1, MASW will resume our regular registration policies on page 155 of our brochure.

  • If the Covid virus remains on a constant or declining path in Indiana and surrounding states, we will remain open. This could change if the number of cases rise.

  • Finally, we wish to thank those people who were kind enough to allow their deposits to be rolled forward to future workshops or those who donated their deposits to the school. These people are the heart of MASW and have no idea what those “gifts” mean to our program. Susie and I are eternally grateful. These special MASW alumni will be given the right of “first sign up” privilege next year long before anyone else (along with a special gift of thanks). It’s a small payback for a large favor.



July 20-24 Fundamentals of Carving with Alexander Grabovetskiy
July 25 Learning How to Draw what You Intend to Carve with Alexander Grabovetskiy
July 27-31 Casting & Turning Platters & Bowls with Resin and Stabilized Wood with Mark Hedin
August 1-2 Pyrography: An Introduction to Woodburning with Sherry Beck
August 1-2 Husband & Wife Shaker Inspired Tall Case Clock with Doug Dale
August 10-14 The Art & Craft of Cabinetmaking with George Vondriska
August 15 Router Table Joinery with George Vondriska
August 15-16 Epoxy Serving Trays with Mark Hedin
August 16 You can CNC with George Vondriska
August 17-21 Woodturning with Alan Lacer
August 17-21 Hand-On Finishing with Tim Puro
August 24-28 Shellac & Lacquer Systems with Dave Smith
August 29-30 Water Based Finishes with Dave Smith
August 24-28 Make a Greene & Greene Document Box with Doug Dale
August 31-Sept 4 Make an 18th Century Chippendale Carved Ball & Claw Footstool with Alf Sharp
Sept 8-12 (Tues to Sat) Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams
Sept 14-18 Making Segmented Baskets with Tom Lohman
Sept 21-25 Introduction to CNC: Essentials for Woodworking with Randy Johnson
Sept 26-27 CNC Rotary 4th Axis with Randy Johnson
Sept 28-Oct 2 Handskills with Stephen Proctor
October 12-16 Glass Blowing with Bryan Lee
October 12-16 Furniture Restoration, Repair & Refinishing with Tim Puro
October 17-18 Spot Repair & Touch Up with Tim Puro
October 19-23 Joinery with Marc Adams
October 19-23 Metal Fabrication for the Woodworker: Hardware Focus with Matt Burney
October 24-25 Welding & Cutting Metal with MIG, TIG, Plasma & Oxy-Acetylene with Matt Burney
October 24 (Sat) Machine Maintenance: Jointers, Planers, Table Saws & Bandsaws With Doug Dale
November 2-13 Apprenticeship with Marc Adams
November 2-6 Woodturning with Jimmy Clewes
November 7-13 (7 days) Make a Cutaway Guitar with John Ressler

A Fitting Psalm for Today’s World

Today, amid doom and gloom from the virus, civil unrest and political lunacy, there will be a day in God’s grand plan where our fears will be replaced with songs of Joy.

That Day is Coming, I Believe This to Be True.

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