The Difference Makers - The Fourth Generation

In all occupations in every generation there seems to be those who have a true calling for their vocation; people who do extraordinary work in ordinary environments. These are the “masters” of our generation who became well-known for their works not by talent but by hard work, drive and persistence. In the woodworking or craft community, they no longer need to introduce themselves. They are the legends of today’s craftspeople whose spirit will inspire for centuries to come. This book is dedicated to those, in our time, that are a part of the 4th generation of difference makers.

The Difference Makers are those today that are making a difference in the lives of others and have taught at MASW over the years. Changing, shaping and inspiring our craft with leadership, and enthusiasm. Fortunately for me, they have weaved their way into the story of my life, and hopefully as you read the facts, bios, woodworking experiences and the personal stories, the tapestry they weave will become a part of your story too.

The Difference Makers - The Fourth Generation

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