Keith Lackner

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Keith Lackner is not your average woodworker, meaning he didn’t grow up in a shop where he was taught woodworking from a family member who had been doing it most of their life. As far as back as he can remember he loved art and enjoyed watching The New Yankee Workshop. Through that show, Norm taught Keith a lot about woodworking. Fast forward about 15 years and one night he turned on the DIY channel and saw a show called “Woodworks” with David Marks.  This inspired Keith to become absolutely obsessed with combining his love of Art and woodworking. Years later he had a chance to take a workshop with David and he soaked in as much as possible. Today, thanks to inspiration from two woodworkers, Keith is now doing large scale resin casting and has developed new methods that he in turn shares with students, just like his mentors did with him. 

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