MASW Testimonials

Unique Workshops, Unique Instructors

“I wanted to let you know what a great time I had again at your school. You always get the best instructors without a doubt. Every year I wonder how you could possibly make your (our!) school better and every year you exceed expectations. As always you have the best staff anyone could imagine. I look forward to when I can return and see all my MASW family. Have a wonderful rest of the year! God Bless.”

Paul Sayre, PA

“I wanted to thank you, Susie and the entire staff for another amazing experience at the school! During these unprecedented times the MASW team has stepped up to maintain health and safety measures far beyond what would be required. Not only did I feel entirely safe from the perspective of a health care provider, but I was impressed at how the kinship and creative Spirit of the school seems as strong as ever. Everyone still learned, worked, and laughed together which seems more important than ever in our current environment.”

Michael Sheehan, IN

“The course was excellent, and the instructor was outstanding. He was well prepared and conducted a structured class. I’d recommend this class to anyone.”

Tom Nowak, IN

“Thank you again for the opportunity to attend MASW. The time here is always one of my year’s highlights.”

David Quilhot, IN

“MASW is our favorite woodworking school and we value our friendship with you. The friends we’ve made here are a real blessing. We are much better woodworkers thanks to you, your staff and your carefully selected instructors. Thank you so much for creating such a special place. Over the years we’ve witnessed the wonderful opportunities provided by the RCMF (Roger Cliffe Memorial Fund). We will continue to support it whenever we can.”

Janet Keller and Suzanne Dunahm, OH

“I had a tiring but wonderful 7 days at the school…Also, thank you for everything you did, and all you went through, to open the school! I could see you went to great lengths to make everyone safe and keep everyone healthy. It could not have been easy. But you guys pulled it off! You go the second mile in every way! The meals were amazing, the classes were A+. Bravo! Keep up the excellent work!”

Charlie Stanley, IN

“You mentioned that MASW is a vacation destination, as well as a school for budding and professional woodworkers seeking new ideas and skills. It is also filling another niche that may be just as important. I have come to realize that MASW provides intellectual stimulation and psychological support for a whole generation of retirees. It is far more than just a vacation. MASW makes it more than a hobby; it provides something that is not found in books or articles, or videos. You are helping people in ways that you probably did not predict 25 years ago. Strong work!”

Steve Hubbard, TN

“Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for having me. What an amazing place full of amazing folk. You have put together something very special that has enhanced and changed the lives of so many people.”

Nick Agar, GA

“Your school is food for my soul! It helps me grow as a person, a father and as a builder. I truly do not think you know how you and all of your staff make such a difference in so many of our lives. I am truly GREATFUL for you, your family and all your staff. You have changed my life for the better and are still doing that.”

Billy McClain, NC

“I wanted to say thank you for all you have done to help me through the years. I really enjoyed all the classes I took from you personally and from other members of your teaching staff. However, you in particular, have been the type of woodworker that I aspire to. Your school is so special, and I just can’t stop talking about it.”

Steven Ricks, WI

“God has made a way for me to come and attend so many classes over the years. Someday that might slow down, but even if it does, I will come and visit and think about all the good times I’ve had there. Many, many good memories. Thanks for your friendship.”

Morris Ridenour, IN

“I’m emailing because I wanted to comment about how impressed I was with the organized and safe nature of the class in view of Covid. I’m in Illinois, where restrictions and closures are being forcibly handed down by politicians. And we all know the craziness on both sides of the issue. I’m also a retired clinical practitioner so, while I’m not expert, I probably have a little better understanding of the virus than many.

After I returned home and began to discuss with my wife, I realized how your “protocols” were most excellent! If businesses responded in the way you guys have, and the peeps were allowed to make informed decisions; go about patronizing those businesses, if desired, using the safe practices such as the ones you have put into place, we wouldn’t have to “shut down” an economy.

Just wanted to give a shout-out to you and your team. I’ve been over to MASW twice now. Both times have been a great experience, and I’ll be back. In view of your handling of Covid, I’m now even more impressed with you and your team, and I now have a better understanding of why MASW has become such a success. You guys are great!”

John Cawley, IL

“Thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to spend my summer at the school…. Your teamwork inspires me and your constant pursuit of excellence in everything that you do motivates and pushed me to keep improving. Look forward to next year!”

Nate Murphy, IN


“I was impressed with your speech at the slideshow. I think it is great both the philanthropy you do and how open you are about your faith and giving God the glory. God calls us to disciple to others and to be His witnesses, but I don’t see it happen very often. So thank you for being a good example in that way.”

Josh Harris, IN