The Roger Cliffe Memorial Foundation

Roger Cliffe was a family man, college professor, author, avid pool player, woodworker and a very dear friend. Roger died suddenly from a heart attack in 2001 while riding a bike. He had a doctorate degree in Industrial Arts and was a teacher with distinction at Northern Illinois University. He had a huge impact on our entire MASW family.

The RCMF can financially assist students in one of 5 ways:

1. The David Worrell “The Young Apprentice Program”

2. The Don Metcalf “American Military Assistance Program”

3. The Zane Powell “Special Needs Program”

4. The MASW “Intern Program”

5. The Alumni “Financial Aid Program”

The RCMF is a public charity organized as a 501c(3) corporation. All donations to the RCMF are tax deductible to the full extent as allowed by the law. If you know someone who could benefit or if you would like to help the cause, please contact:

Johnson County Community Foundation (JCCF)
Attn: Stephanie Fox
PO Box 217
Franklin, IN 46131

Or call the school at 317-535-4013 and ask for Paula Bueno.

The Young Apprentice Program

David Worrell was an Indianapolis based attorney who attended workshops at MASW for over 20 years. In 2004 he completed his Masters and was working on his Michael Fortune Fellowship when cancer became too much and on January 25, 2017 MASW lost another very dear friend and supporter of the school.

Before he passed, David and I would often share our concerns for the future of education in today’s world. We agreed that in time history will look back at the educational system that now exists and realize the horrible mistake of replacing the industrial arts program with CORE classes. The saying is “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” The truth is “If you are sitting while reading, thank a woodshop teacher.”

Student of the Year Award

John C. Coolidge attended MASW from 1996 until his death in August 2003. In 2004 several of the MASW Masters (many were close friends of John) banded together to present an annual award to someone who has excelled in the craft or overcome adversity/personal challenges or gone beyond the norm to help make MASW a better place. Recipients are chosen based on perseverance, effort, attitude and ability and receive a crystal plaque.

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A special note about our photos:

We have taken HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of photos over the years of our students, instructors, and staff — during classes, after classes, and at various gatherings. Throughout this brochure and on our website, you will see many photos that were taken prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Images of people without masks or not practicing social distancing were taken before the pandemic and before the safety practices were implemented. Please rest assured, we follow all of the safety precautions and guidelines mandated by our local and state health officials. Community means everything to us —we aim to provide a safe environment for all who teach and learn at MASW. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our practices, or would like more detailed information about the school’s health and safety guidelines, please do not hesitate to call or email us!