Curtis Seebeck

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Curtis Seebeck is a recognized pioneer in the field of casting and stabilizing wood. As the original inventor and producer of the “Worthless Wood” resin and wood hybrid concept, he has made significant innovations in the field of stabilizing and casting.  This includes the creation of Cactus Juice Stabilizing Solutions as well as providing technical advice on the formulations used by the Alumilite Corporation for their proprietary casting resins.  He is a member of American Association of Woodworkers (AAW), the Central Texas Woodturning Association, and the International Association of Pen Turners.  He has demonstrated at The Southwest Association of Turners (SWAT), the Utah Woodturning Symposium, and at numerous woodturning clubs and craft schools across America.  Curtis works full time in his company, TurnTex Woodworks, building vacuum chambers and providing technical support for craftspeople who are stabilizing and casting, and is world renowned in his field.  He is married with a teenage daughter. 

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