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Tim Coleman creates custom furniture in a shop he built a few paces from his home in rural Western Massachusetts. He has been designing and building furniture for clients and exhibition for more than 30 years, since apprenticing with Curt Minier in Seattle, Washington and studying at the College of the Redwoods with James Krenov in the 1980s. Coleman is known for his graceful and dynamic furniture forms which feature richly patterned and textured surfaces. Using low-relief carving, marquetry, embossing, and thick veneer tiles, he has developed simple, but innovative, techniques that put a new spin on traditional embellishment. As passionate as Coleman is about his own work, he is equally excited to pass on his knowledge. He is a frequent contributor to Fine Woodworking magazine and has taught at numerous schools throughout the US. In the past several years, he has built a large and devoted following on Instagram, where his informative and entertaining videos on process and technique are enjoyed by thousands.  


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