Sculptural Rocking Chair With Marc Adams [Aug '13]

The "Sculptural Rocking Chair" class is a staple of the school so it's a pleasure to welcome another class of folks ambitious enough to undertake this challenging project. If you like lots of hard work and an even larger amount of satisfaction once it's complete, this project is for you!

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Design Fun-Damentals With Graham Blackburn

Graham Blackburn has been writing books and articles about furniture design and construction since the 1970's. This week he shares his decades of experience with a class that's looking to take their design skills up a notch.

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Innovative Techniques in Lamp Construction & Design With Mario Messina

This class focused on building a sculptural lamp while learning a tapered lamination technique that is both unique and easy. Not only does his technique eliminate the use of conventional clamps and bending forms, it also allows for the creation of flowing organic lines that create a beautiful, practical work of art!

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Designing With Sketchup With Bob Lang [Aug '13]

It's no secret that learning CAD software had a pretty significant learning curve. Luckily, Bob Lang is acknowledged as the expert when it comes to using the Sketchup 3D modeling software to design a project on the computer. So this week, instead of building a project in our shop, these folks learned to build projects in their heads!

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Crafting a Philadelphia Trifid Foot Chair With Alf Sharp

Alf Sharp brings yet another period furniture masterpiece as he and his class take on the challenge of this classic piece of American furniture. Some of the skills these folks left with include crafting a cabriole leg, carving the trifid foot and a rococo shell, as well as dealing with curved and angled joinery. Not bad for 5 days time!

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Weekend of 8/3/2013

This weekends attractions included "Beautiful Borders: Using Silver Wire, Stone and Precious Metals With John Koch", "Laser Marquetry: an Introduction to the Future of Veneering With Marc Adams", and "Sharpen Then Hone Your Skills With Mike Pekovich"!

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