Segmented Turning: Where Precision Partners With Turned Elegance with Malcolm Tibbetts [Sept'15]

Malcolm Tibbetts is one of, if not the best segmented woodturner currently working in North America. This week a group of lucky students got to see why that is first-hand. From cutting tiny wedges, to gluing up their blanks and turning some real masterpieces, everyone left with a better appreciation of the craft.

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Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams [Aug'15]

Marc Adams introduces another class to the joys of woodworking in this introductory class. They learn more than they thought possible as they join, veneer and shape their way to their first furniture project.

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Building Versatile Nesting Tables & Stools in the Z Style with Alison McLennan

Alison McLennan is new to the school but comes to us well versed in making furniture. This week she leads her class through the process of making Z tables and Stools, in the tradition of Gerrit Rietveld, circa 1934.

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Infuse Your Work with New Possibilities with Mark Hedin

Our own Mark Hedin showed off one of his (many) specialties this weekend and he introduced his class to benefits of Infused Epoxy to stabilize and protect you turned and flatboarder projects. Everyone walked away with ideas and numerous tips to try on their own work.

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Need Some Relief: Add Interest & Life to Your Work with Dixie Biggs

Dixie Biggs is known for her exquisite relief carvings and the surface enhancements that adorn her work. This week she shared those skills with a sold-out class. What followed was pure art!

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French Marquetry: Advancing Your Skills Piece by Piece with Patrick Edwards

French marquetry expert, Patrick Edwards, spends another week with us. This time he's teaching the "piece-by-piece" method while they improve their mastery of the French Chevalet. The final class project made all the hard work more than worthwhile. We'll call this old-world art!

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