Veneering, Inlay & Pattern Edge Applications With Scott Grove

Scott Grove's brings a number of innovative techniques and game-changing tips to his class this week. Look in as they learn to use his wavy veneer seaming and solid wood edging techniques to create this one of a kind table top.

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Windsor Chairmaking: the Fan Back Side Chair with Peter Galbert

The Windsor Fan Back chair is an American classic. Join us as we watch Peter Galbert put his students to work as they craft their own Windsor chair, using the same techniques that have been used for centuries. It time to mount that shaving horse, folks!

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Hollow Vessel Turning with John Jordan

John Jordan brings a wealth of experience and lots of new techniques to the lathe as his class spends the week exploring Hollow Vessel Turning. They leave with new knowledge and lots of hands on experience!

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Joinery II with Marc Adams [Aug '13]

Building on the skills acquired from Joinery I, Joinery II takes on any joinery imaginable - and several that go beyond imagination. After another week with Marc Adams, these folks will be able to cut any joint they can envision!

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Epoxy Surface Treatments: Decorative, Durable & Diverse With Mark Hedin

Our own Mark Hedin is a wiz when it comes to using epoxy treatments to achieve durable, long-lasting decorative effects. So it was no surprise to see his class created a beautiful table with decorative epoxy panels and a durable epoxy finish. These tables are going to look great for years to come!

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Basic Woodworking with Michael Fortune [Aug. '13]

Michael Fortune is here to give a class all the benefit of his decades of experience as he leads another class through "Basic Woodworking". There's no better way to start your journey than with the furniture making icon. Michael shows you how to get the results your striving while avoiding the pitfalls the plague many new woodworkers.

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