Twist, Curve & Shape: Learning How to Connect the Dots with Stephen Proctor

Stephen Proctor may be one of the most proficient woodworker's in the craft today. This week he shares his technical expertise as he shows his class how to achieve any shape imaginable as they explore twisting, curving shapes with acknowledged master!

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Okay, Chaps, It's Only Leather With Tim Wells

Tim Wells has been on our radar for a number of years but has never been available to teach until now. His skillful use of leather accents in his furniture making gives his projects a pleasing aesthetic which differentiates many of his pieces. This week, he shares some of those techniques with a very lucky class.

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Weekend of 8/17/2013

This weekend comprised of two great workshops. In the Outpost Tim Puro unraveled the mysteries of a Century old technique in "Shellac: the Choice of Fine Furniture Makers". Students learned everything from choosing the right shellac for the job to successful french polishing. Meanwhile, Alan Lacer shared his expertise in "Turned Lidded Boxes" as his class honed their end grain turning techniques.

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Turning Between the Centers With Alan Lacer

This week, it's time to concentrate on just one type of turning, and that's between centers. Join our group of woodturner's as they fine tune their abilities to produce all the turned parts necessary to make furniture, through a series of progressive exercises. In this case, they are making an elegant 3 legged stool

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Sculptural Rocking Chair With Marc Adams [Aug '13]

The "Sculptural Rocking Chair" class is a staple of the school so it's a pleasure to welcome another class of folks ambitious enough to undertake this challenging project. If you like lots of hard work and an even larger amount of satisfaction once it's complete, this project is for you!

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Design Fun-Damentals With Graham Blackburn

Graham Blackburn has been writing books and articles about furniture design and construction since the 1970's. This week he shares his decades of experience with a class that's looking to take their design skills up a notch.

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