Decorative Veneering with Bill Hull

Bill Hull brings his expertise with all things veneer to share with a classroom of lucky students. Along the way, they gain hands-on experience with a radial match project involving crossband, curved inlay and waterfall edging before they move on to stringing and patterns, free forming and mating templates.

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Weekend of 8/16/2014

This weekend we have John Koch back to teach his sold-out "Beautiful Borders: Using Silver Wire, Stone and Precious Metals." Talk about taking your final product up a notch!

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Steel & Bronze for the Woodworker with David Orth

Incorporating metal into your furniture designs requires a lot of brand new skills and there's nobody better suited to bridge the gaps between wood and metal than David Orth!

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Making a Windsor Settee Part II with David Wright

Earlier in the year, David Wright's class began making a classic windsor settee by riving the wood from logs and beginning the chair making process. Now the meet up again to put the final touches on their masterpieces!

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Hand & Machine Skills: Making Timeless Furniture with Doug Dale

Our own Doug Dale leads his class through the ins and outs of hand and machine skills as they make a classic shakers style wall clock.

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Weekend of 8/9/2014

This weekends classes were "Craft a Stereoscope and Learn Stereophotography with David Orth," "Scandinavian Style Figure Carving with Harley Refsal" and "Tools for Finishers: Choosing & Using the Right Brush with Tim Puro." Needless to say, fun was had by all!

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