Beginning Traditional Bow and Arrow Making with Richard Saffold

Richard Saffold makes some beautiful bows and arrows and he shared his experience with these participants as they all made multiple bows and arrows...and learned how to shoot with them!

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Weekend of 6/18/2016

This weekend Steve Latta leads "Hide Glue and Hammer Veneering," Barry Gross takes on "Turned Bracelets: Combining Wood and Metals," while Jeff Vollmer teaches "Really Cool Bandsaw Puzzle Boxes" and Doug Stowe shows how to make "Pocket Boxes." With four simultaneous classes, that's a full weekend, no matter how you slice it!

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Fine Writing Instruments: Pen Making with Barry Gross [2016]

Barry Gross's Fine Writing Instruments class is quickly becoming one of the most popular turning classes at the school. It's easy to see why when every participant leaves with a wallet of custom pens worth $1000 (easy) and the skills necessary to make many more!

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Weekend of 6/11/2016

This weekend we played host to parents and children with "Parent/Child Making a Skateboard/Longboard with Chris Gochnour" and Michael Fortune's "Bandsaw Dovetail Extravaganza!" Plenty of opportunities to see lots of happy faces this weekend.

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Making a Greene and Greene Blanket Chest with George Knutson

The Greene and Greene style is a classic and so it this blanket chest. George Knutson led his class through the theory and the process of making this inspired piece while they all learned more about the Greene and Greene tradition.

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Marquetry with Marc Adams

Spending a week learning the art of marquetry from Marc Adams was a real game changer for this group of lucky participants. With little marquetry experience on Monday, they leave on Friday ready to incorporate it into any future work.

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