Developing the Idea with Michael Fortune [April '14]

When it comes to questions of creative furniture design, there is nobody more capable to provide the answers than Michael Fortune. During this week of intensive design work, Michael will step his class through the design process he uses to create his award winning furniture. Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged!

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Handskills Every Woodworker Should Know with Stephen Proctor [April '14]

Stephen Proctor is widely recognized as one of the most skilled hand tool expert currently working wood today. Spending a week with Stephen, learning how to work efficiently with hand tools, has opened up a whole world of hand tool possibilities for this class of lucky woodworkers.

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Fundamentals of Carving with Mary May [April '14]

Mary May's class received one of the best introductions to carving the could possibly receive in this 5 day course. They began by carving the most basic shapes on day 1 and were creating classical shells and acanthus leaves by day 5. Along the way, they sharpened their tools and their skills as they learned this timeless art.

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Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams [April '14]

Marc Adams takes the helm again as he provides another class with the perfect introduction to the craft of woodworking. There aren't many classes out there that cover the range and depth that this class did. From joinery, to veneer, to crafting a small side table (complete with hand shaping), these folks did it all. And all with a healthy dose of safety thrown in. Not a bad way to start!

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Inlay for Woodturning & Flatwork with Stephen Hatcher

It was a real treat to see some of the "practice" pieces that emerged from Stephen Hatcher's inlay class. Whether you like turned work or flatwork (or a combination of both), he brought a whole new dimension to the art of embellishment with his techniques for including crushed mineral inlays in your projects. This lucky class will definitely be including what they learned this week in their woodworking repertoire.

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Lots of Legs with Allan Breed

We generally don't show off a lot of leg around the shop, especially after a long winter. This week was the exception to the rule, as Allan Breed and his students spent the week working on "Lots of Legs." Allan lead them through numerous variations of classical furniture legs. Along with a newfound appreciation for each type of period leg, they also got plenty of one-on-one time with one of America's premiere craftsman.

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