Epoxy Surface Treatments: Decorative, Durable & Diverse With Mark Hedin

Our own Mark Hedin is a wiz when it comes to using epoxy treatments to achieve durable, long-lasting decorative effects. So it was no surprise to see his class created a beautiful table with decorative epoxy panels and a durable epoxy finish. These tables are going to look great for years to come!

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Basic Woodworking with Michael Fortune [Aug. '13]

Michael Fortune is here to give a class all the benefit of his decades of experience as he leads another class through "Basic Woodworking". There's no better way to start your journey than with the furniture making icon. Michael shows you how to get the results your striving while avoiding the pitfalls the plague many new woodworkers.

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Joinery with Marc Adams [Aug '13]

Another session of our foundational "Joinery with Marc Adams" brings a whole new group of dedicated woodworkers who want to take their joinery skills to the next level to the school. Take a look as they learn all joinery we can possibly pack into 5 information filled days!

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Weekend of 8/24/2013

Our instructors this weekend were Michael Fortune, Bill Wells, and Mike Dean. Our workshops included "Embellishing Your Work with Michael Fortune and Bill Wells" and "An Introduction to Laser Engraving, Cutting, and Using with Mike Dean". Fun was had by all!

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Twist, Curve & Shape: Learning How to Connect the Dots with Stephen Proctor

Stephen Proctor may be one of the most proficient woodworker's in the craft today. This week he shares his technical expertise as he shows his class how to achieve any shape imaginable as they explore twisting, curving shapes with acknowledged master!

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Okay, Chaps, It's Only Leather With Tim Wells

Tim Wells has been on our radar for a number of years but has never been available to teach until now. His skillful use of leather accents in his furniture making gives his projects a pleasing aesthetic which differentiates many of his pieces. This week, he shares some of those techniques with a very lucky class.

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