Curvy Furniture: Using Boatbuilding Techniques With David Orth

During "Curvy Furniture: Using Boatbuilding Techniques With David Orth", students learned how to create curved forms from thin flexible material for use in their furniture making. Relying heavily on techniques used in boatbuilding, they created a number of aesthetically pleasing, curved shapes that can be used to make anything from a table to a lamp and more. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't believe it!

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Decorative Details With Steve Latta

Steve Latta has consistently sold out his "Decorative Details" class and this week is no exception. Take a peek as Steve teaches his class the details of inlay stringing, ornamental bandings, fans, bellflowers, line and berry patterns, shells, and paterae. One thing is certain - everybody always comes aways richer after spending a week with Steve!

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Weekend of 5/18/2013

This weekend, Steve Latta returns to teach "Elegant Glass Doors". Step through the process with them, as he shares the secrets to making the perfect glass door.

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Cabinets for the Home, Shop or Office With Gary Striegler

Gary Striegler is well known around MASW and is always an annual favorite, this year is no exception. Gary charged his students with seeing how many different types of cabinets they could make in a single 5 day class. As it turns out, the answer ended up being, "Lots!"

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Carve a Haida Style Bear Mother Totem Pole With David Franklin

It was a real treat to welcome David Franklin to MASW for the first time. He brought with him a wealth of information about the carving techniques of the Pacific Northwest, an obvious enthusiasm for teaching, and a deep knowledge of his craft. I know his students agree. He also brought the addictive scent of red cedar to the halls of MASW!

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Veneering Techniques With Keith Neer

Keith Neer, a new Michael Fortune Fellow of the school, takes on the task of teaching what he's learned about the many different ways veneer can be utilized in furniture making. His students got a crash course, detailing almost every scenario needed to incorporate veneer work into their own furniture pursuits.

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