2017 Classes at Marc Adams School of Woodworking

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March 2017

Woodturning with Alan Lacer

3/27 - 3/31

This class includes something for everyone, whether a new turner or someone wishing to build and improve upon their woodturning foundation. Emphasis in Alan's class is placed upon cutting and shear scraping techniques.

Developing the Idea with Michael Fortune

3/27 - 3/31

Where do design ideas for furniture come from? How do I develop my own ideas? This course will introduce the participants to a series of simple bench top design exercises that will exponentially expand how and where you look for inspiration.

Joinery with Marc Adams [Mar]

3/27 - 3/31

No matter what your skill level, this class will change the way you approach all of your projects. Each student will go home with a sack full of cut joints and the knowledge to tackle all common joints.

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April 2017

Make Your Own Custom Workbench with Doug Dale

4/3 - 4/7

The real work of any woodworking project happens at the workbench, perhaps the most important tool in the shop. Having the right bench, like the right tool, makes all the difference.

Basic Cabinetmaking with Zane Powell

4/3 - 4/7

Cabinetmaking is the fundamental place to start woodworking, and this class is designed for those just starting. Students make a small face frame cabinet, which is the foundation of the class. Design, layout, dressing the stock, and building drawers and doors are covered in detail.

Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek [Apr]

4/3 - 4/7

This five day hands-on finishing class is designed to help students understand what finishing schedule is best for their projects. The goal is to learn what it takes to create a beautiful, lasting, finish through a variety of finishing systems.

Beginning Rhino 3-D Modeling/Cad for Woodworkers with Mary and Dale Fugier

4/7 - 4/9

By learning how to create models of your designs on your computer first, you will be able to proof and develop them in 3-D, create rendered images with materials, and create detailed 2-D drawings with dimensions and annotations.

Festool Essentials with Brian Sedgeley

4/8 - 4/9

This class is geared toward existing power tool users who have a basic or limited knowledge of the Festool System. In this class, Brian will cover the essential components that make up the Festool System.

Shellac: The Forgotten Finish with Mitch Kohanek

4/8 - 4/9

This could be the best finishing class of the entire year: shellac, the most attractive, safe and versatile finishing system for the majority of your finishing needs!

Turning a Salt or Pepper Mill with John Koch

4/8 - 4/9

Salt or pepper mills are fun to make. They can be practical, ornamental or better yet they can be a combination of both. In this weekend class, John will discuss curved design elements that are pleasing to the eye to turning and embellishing your mill.

Turning Bowls & Platters With Alan Stirt

4/10 - 4/14

The focus of this workshop will be turning open bowls and platters. The emphasis will be on developing both tool skills and design skills. Because each student will want to focus on individual projects, there will be lots of time for one-to-one feedback on techniques and design.

Carving Fundamentals: Ornamentation, Lettering & Scrolls with Bob Yorburg

4/10 - 4/14

This class is an excellent introduction to the basics of wood carving and design. Bob will reveal the secrets of proper layout, design and proportion. The goal of the class is to give students the ability and inspiration to apply these techniques to future projects.

Exquisitely Greene & Greene with Thomas Stangeland

4/10 - 4/14

In this class students will explore the stylistic elements of Greene & Greene, and then incorporate those elements into furniture they design and build during the week. Some of the topics to be explored during the week include Greene & Greene design, joinery and construction, and specific details common to the that style - cloud lift details, floating splines and raised pegs.

Marquetry with Marc Adams

4/18 - 4/22

This workshop will teach you the fine art of working with veneer to create pictures. Through practice, participants will be able to master the double-bevel technique for cutting and assembling marquetry panels.

Handskills Every Woodworker Should Know with Stephen Proctor

4/18 - 4/22

Literally anything can be made using hand tools, but not everything can be made with machinery. Understanding hand tools and how to use them will enable you to make furniture that would otherwise be impossible to accomplish by power tools alone.

Creative Woodturning with Michael Hosaluk

4/18 - 4/22

This class will be a great opportunity to spend a week learning the craft of woodturning with one of the best woodturners in North America. By the end of the week you will be on your way to turning excellence.

Woodturning with Jimmy Clewes

4/24 - 4/28

This class is designed for all abilities and will cover all that you need to know to improve your woodturning skills by increasing your abilities in sharpening, tool selection and technique, form aesthetics and embellishment.

Leaded Art Glass: Painting with Light with John Hamm

4/24 - 4/28

This class will be a hands-on, in-depth exploration of the techniques used to create leaded art glass. Students will also explore the secrets and techniques of Greene & Greene style leaded glass.

Make a Federal Bow Front Sideboard with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton

4/24 - 4/30

During this seven day class students will build a Federal bow front sideboard with an emphasis on understanding the joinery and Federal embellishments underlying such a furniture masterpiece. Students will be encouraged to hand cut dovetails for each drawer box and veneer the drawers or doors. Steve will share how to cut and set inlays and bell flowers, along with fine line details. Jeff will show how to make a cock-beaded Federal drawer.

Guitar Building Methods I with John Ressler

4/29 - 4/30

The "Guitar Building Methods 1" class is a unique opportunity to make your own guitar building jigs and fixtures. After completing the fixtures, you will use them to make actual guitar parts.

Turning Wet Wood with Jimmy Clewes

4/29 - 4/30

Turning wet wood is probably the most fun possible when it comes to woodturning. Wet wood is easy to cut, which builds up good tool control and confidence. By Sunday students will have completed several pieces that will definitely help boost their confidence.

A Woodworkers Introduction to the World of CNC's with Tim Celeski

4/29 - 4/30

This immersive two day introductory class is designed to to answer two common questions of new CNC users; what can they do and how they fit into modern woodworking. Students will be introduced to CAD design, then see how CAM programs work for preparing files for machining and finally, sending jobs to the CNC for woodworking part making and joinery.

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May 2017

Naturally Simple Woodworking with Wes Bushor

5/1 - 5/5

By using unprocessed wood, it's possible to bring the natural beauty of the tree into the home. Wes will share his passion for creating furniture from natural wood using simple tools and techniques.

Integrating CNC's Into Woodworking While Maintaining "Hands-on" Quality with Tim Celeski

5/1 - 5/5

CNCs are very powerful and creative tools in a modern craftsman's workshop. The trick is to figure out how to integrate them into the woodworking and furniture making workflow and to understand where they work best.

The Art of Concealment: Incorporating Hidden Compartments in Your Furniture with Matthew Dworman

5/1 - 5/5

This class will dive into several ways to incorporate hidden compartments into any furniture design. Students will explore some of the history of hidden compartments, and learn methods for designing and creating them while they build an attractive end table. The table is beautiful and functional, yet contains ample hidden storage, and will provide the student with a foundation to add hidden compartments into his or her own designs.

Make a Pair of Matched Rail & Stile Coping Planes with Tod Herrli

5/1 - 5/5

The rail and stile plane is a specialized fenced production plane that plows a 1/4" groove, 3/8" deep in the rails and stiles of a frame and panel and is designed to do the job of three separate hand tools in one operation. The coping plane is the second matching plane that assists with the mortise and tenon joinery. By making these two planes you will be able to produce frame and panels to 18th Century specifications according to Master craftsman Eugene Landon.

Really Cool Bandsaw Puzzle Boxes with Jeff Vollmer

5/6 - 5/7

Students will make a puzzle box of redwood, equipped with a spring-loaded round drawer. Jeff will demonstrate correct cutting techniques and how to rejoin wood, making nearly invisible seams.

Guitar Building Methods II with John Ressler

5/6 - 5/7

The "Guitar Building Methods 2" class is a unique opportunity to build your own guitar building jigs and fixtures. After completing the fixtures, you will use them to make actual guitar parts.

Turning Thin Wall Bowls with Binh Pho

5/6 - 5/7

In this workshop students will learn a safe way to use a conventional bowl gouge and shear scraping technique to turn a bowl with a 1/16" wall thickness. If you are intimidated by turning bowls with paper thin walls, in two days, Binh will change your mind.

SketchUp for the Beginner with Mark Sterner

5/6 - 5/7

In this course, students will address some of the difficulties that regularly defeat users new to 3-D CAD in general, and SketchUp, the preferred introductory CAD package favorite among the amateur woodworking community. If you are frustrated by your past CAD experiences, this class will offer alternative approaches that will enhance your appreciation for digital design.

Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams

5/8 - 5/12

This class will advance woodworking skills by leaps and bounds and is perfect for beginners or a husband and wife who want to spend a week together building new woodworking skills. By the end of the week students will be on their way to a better understanding of fine craftsmanship.

Make a Joiners Tool Cabinet: Traditional Methods for Traditional Tools with Graham Blackburn

5/8 - 5/12

Building your own custom-designed Joiners tool cabinet is the ideal way to learn traditional cabinet joinery. After a careful analysis of each student's toolkit, a basic joiners tool cabinet will be adapted to house the very tools each student brings to the class, and that are then used to build it. Class time will be spent on a variety of dovetails plus the basics of frame-and-paneling. The end result will be a great understanding of traditional joinery and a handsome cabinet to house your own individual collection.

Stickley Bridal Chest with Bob Lang

5/8 - 5/12

Join Bob Lang, author of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture and former executive editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, and build a reproduction of this early 1900s Stickley classic. During the week students will learn effective methods for producing solid joints with a combination of power and hand tools, simple veneering of panels and efficient methods of assembly. They will return home with a piece that will last for generations!

Apprenticeship with Michael Fortune

5/15 - 5/26

This workshop is intended for those who have a familiarity with woodworking tools and machinery and is a required class for those working on their MASW Masters program. It is an opportunity to advance technical knowledge by experimenting with forms and woodworking processes that may be new to you.

Basic Metal Engraving for the Woodworker with Mike Dubber

5/15 - 5/19

The class is designed for the woodworker who wishes to expand his or her skills to include hand engraving. Mike will illustrate how a small amount of hand engraving can enhance metal hardware and add to the artistic appeal of furniture and tools.

Furniture Restoration, Repair & Refinishing with Mitch Kohanek

5/15 - 5/19

This workshop allows students the opportunity to be learn the art of furniture restoration/refinishing using the wooden objects they bring to class. Each piece of furniture brought in will have its own refinishing/restoration plan devised in class which means a variety of things to learn from each other's projects. If you want to learn the basics of the craft of furniture restoration/refinishing, this class is for you.

Designing with Traditional Elements & Motifs with Alf Sharp

5/15 - 5/19

Student in this class will come away with a fuller understanding of everything that goes into traditional design and construction after examining the subtleties and intricacies of 18th Century styles. Through drawing, model-making and making sample joinery students will explore the details of William and Mary, Queen Anne, Chippendale, and the Neoclassic styles.

Clamping Strategies & Gluing Solutions with Michael Fortune

5/20 - 5/20

The students in Michael's class will see and understand all the variables that contribute to the success or failure of a wide range of glue-ups. From the ubiquitous frame to complex assemblies of curved parts where no apparent clamping surfaces exist, students will learn how to plot clamping pressure so it is exactly where it is needed.

Making the Wood "Pop" with Mitch Kohanek

5/20 - 5/20

In this class students will work with coloring agents that will add depth and metamerism (or chatoyance) to all manner of figurative woods. Everyone will learn to use natural and synthetic dyes, oils and chemicals on figurative woods like bird's eye maple and tiger maple that will "pop" those figures with color.

Make a Cutaway Guitar (Part 1) with John Ressler

5/20 - 5/21

Take your guitar building to the next level by adding custom details to your project. This is an advanced guitar building class in which students will learn to build Venetian (bent) cutaway sides. This class will expand your thinking of traditional guitar designs and methods, and will jump-start you to creating your own unique guitar design.

Building a Bench-Top Bench with Steve Latta

5/21 - 5/22

Tired of ending a stretch at your bench with strained eyes and an aching back? How about building the perfect bench-top bench to bring the work to you? In this class, students will make Steve's classic mini-bench.

Rubbing Out the Finish: The Last Procedure with Mitch Kohanek

5/21 - 5/21

What does it mean to "rub" out that last coat of shellac, lacquer, varnish, urethane or water base finish? Students in this class will get the opportunity to find out from one of the best. Creating the right feel and sheen can make or break a project and Mitch is right craftsman to teach you how!

Decorative Details with Steve Latta

5/22 - 5/26

During this workshop, Steve demonstrates a wide variety of detail techniques that can be incorporated into furniture to enhance and complement the overall design. Students will learn single, double and triple line stringing for both traditional and contemporary designs.

Creating Exceptional Home Interiors with Gary Striegler

5/22 - 5/26

In this class students will work in teams on several projects. Gary will share the steps he uses to build the mantles, curved trim, stairs, crown molding and other trim details (to name just a few).

Joinery With Marc Adams [Jun]

5/30 - 6/3

No matter what your skill level, this class will change the way you approach all of your projects. Each student will go home with a sack full of cut joints and the knowledge to tackle all common joints.

Decorative Turned Boxes with Matthew Hill

5/30 - 6/3

Making lidded containers on the lathe is one of the most satisfying projects in woodturning. Matthew will work with students primarily one-on-one to help them develop confidence in their woodturning skills and embellishment ideas.

Make an Elliptical Greene & Greene Style Table with Darrell Peart

5/30 - 6/2

This four day class will be a celebration of geometry in woodworking with a Greene & Greene twist. Although the table is small, it is packed with interesting features and learning opportunities. This piece was a featured project in the April 2007 Issue of Woodwork Magazine (# 104). This will be an enjoyable week to build a piece of furniture in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about Greene & Greene, woodworking and design.

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June 2017

Fine Writing Instruments with Barry Gross

6/5 - 6/9

Even if you have never made a pen before, Barry will make you feel at home in this course! Students from basic to advanced are welcome to learn an assortment of techniques to take their pen making to the next level.

Precision With Hand Tools with Garrett Hack

6/5 - 6/9

Hand tools open up new vistas of efficiency, accuracy, and enjoyment for woodworkers, even those with modest skills. This is a class to ramp up your hand tool skills smoothing surfaces, jointing edges, working to a pattern, fitting joints, cutting beads and attractive edges.

Stereotomy Art Du Trait with Patrick Moore

6/5 - 6/9

The concept of Art du Trait allows the carpenter to use three-dimensional graphical drawings to design complex wooden structures. Stereotomy, or Art du Trait, is empirical-type knowledge, directly connected to practical work site issues. In this five day workshop we will build a French trestle, a complex yet simple table design that may cause students to think in 3-D by using graphic drawing techniques.

Turned Bracelets: Combining Wood and Metals with Barry Gross

6/10 - 6/11

Barry will show you everything you need to know and then some on making unique and stunning bangle bracelets; from the raw wood to a finished product in just a short weekend.

Pre-CNC Meeting with John Knight

6/10 - 6/10

One of the best workshops ever at MASW took place four years ago in a class where each student made their own 3-axis CNC. This year, in order to prepare for the class, students are encouraged to attend, but not required, a one day session where John will discuss the different type of machines, motors, drives, spindles, probes, pendants, ordering parts and other options available as you plan your perfect "custom" made 3-axis CNC machine.

Embellishments with Garrett Hack

6/10 - 6/11

Over three millennia ago Egyptian craftsmen were decorating their work with inlays of small intricate patterns of ebony, ivory, and other exotic materials. Garrett will teach the same techniques: making delicate string or line inlays, cutting in surface inlays such as diamonds, making and inlaying patterned bandings, and using non-wood materials such as silver and shell.

Make a Cutaway Guitar (Part 2) with John Ressler

6/10 - 6/11

Take your guitar building to the next level by adding custom details to your project. This is an advanced guitar building class in which students will learn to build Venetian (bent) cutaway sides. This class will expand your thinking of traditional guitar designs and methods, and will jump-start you to creating your own unique guitar design.

Small Decorative Boxes with Doug Stowe

6/12 - 6/16

Boxes are among the most interesting woodworking projects because of the endless possibilities they offer for exploring technique, form, and style. Doug will motivate students to get involved and then make it personal so that their box will leave a lasting legacy in wood.

Explore Unusual Materials and Methods in Woodturning & Flatwork with Stephen Hatcher

6/12 - 6/16

Adding inlay to your woodworking project can elevate your work from good to spectacular. This course explores inlay techniques as applied to woodturning and flatwork.

Veneer Crazy: Asymmetrical Matching & Compound Curves with Scott Grove

6/12 - 6/16

This workshop is for anyone who wants to take their veneering to the next level. The course explores and pushes your limits using veneer. Scott will focus on alternative pattern matching, playing with chatoyance and compound veneering. Advanced techniques will be explored, including his award-winning spiral match, waterfall edges and extreme compound veneer bending techniques.

Cold Metal Casting: Reproducing Unique Hardware, Pulls, Escutcheons and Emblems with Scott Grove

6/17 - 6/18

This special session is dedicated to mold making, reproduction and cold metal bronze casting. Students will learn how to create or reproduce just about any form and texture. Avoid chain-store-bought cabinet pulls or ornamentation!

Sculptural Rocking Chair with Marc Adams

6/17 - 6/23

This class will be dedicated to making a Maloof-style sculptural rocking chair with major emphasis on comfort, aesthetics, and ergonomics. You will use tools such as rasps, gouges, saw rasps and grinders to rhythmically give the chair shape.

New Techniques to Inlay Woodturned Rims with Stephen Hatcher

6/17 - 6/18

Create dazzling optical effects in any woodturning with translucent mineral crystal inlays, shell, paper, and purfling. This year Stephen will introduce several completely new designs and methods.

Teaching & Making Froebel's Gifts with Doug Stowe

6/17 - 6/17

Friedrich Froebel invented Kindergarten in the mid-19th century and as his methods for early childhood education spread his special toys for hands-on learning were hand-made in small towns and villages throughout the world. This one day course will introduce students to progressive, hands-on education. Students will craft two "gifts" and become familiar with an early educational system that was crucial in the creative lives of architects and engineers, like Frank Lloyd Wright and Buckminster Fuller.

Woodturning II: the Next Level with Alan Lacer

6/19 - 6/23

This is the next step for students who have completed a course with Alan, or who have had at least a year of turning experience. Alan will take themes covered in his first course and challenge students to a greater development.

Start Woodworking with Asa Christiana

6/19 - 6/23

In this class the former editor of Fine Woodworking magazine proves that anyone can build great projects with wood, even those with zero skills or experience. This isn't about traditional woodworking and following the rules — it's about having fun and getting stuff done. Working with home-center materials and a few small power tools, students will build four projects in just five short days!

An Introduction to the Hand Forged Blade with Matthew Parkinson

6/19 - 6/23

To hand craft your own knife is something special. This five day class is an introduction to the hand forging and finishing of knives. Students will explore the use of fire and hammer to shape high carbon steel. Students will forge blades, further refine these blades by grinding and polishing, then heat treat, fit the handle and sharpen these blades. Special attention will be paid to the basics of good knife design and construction.

Getting the Most From Your Scroll Saw with Marc Berner

6/24 - 6/25

The scroll saw is the most overlooked and underrated tool in the shop. In this two day workshop, Marc will discuss the types of saws available today and their features, how to tune them up, how to make jigs and fixtures, and what accessories work best.

Team Turning for Two with Mary & Alan Lacer

6/24 - 6/25

Any level of experience is welcome. During the weekend each team will complete at least five of the following turned objects: weed pot, basting brush, screwdriver, stick pen, spurtle/muddler, Christmas ornament or spinning top.

Making Elegant Curved Boxes with Stephen Proctor

6/24 - 6/25

This fun filled weekend will focus on using the natural flexible properties of wood to create a simple yet complex elegant hollow form without the use of steam. Once the box starts to take shape, students will see that there are a multitude of possibilities for decoration and adornment to personalize each box.

Sgraffito: A Carving Breakthrough with Mark Arnold

6/24 - 6/25

The technique of skillfully and systematically scratching, cutting, or carving through an overlayment or veneer to reveal the substrate to which it is applied is known as sgraffito. In this two day class students will explore a variety of tools and techniques that will allow them to do the unthinkable: carve veneer!

Sculptural Rocking Chair II with the Staff

6/26 - 6/30

This will be a rare opportunity to come and finish your chair under Marc's guidance. Students will be able to make replacement parts, sculpt, fix, grind, sand, glue, and even spray lacquer on their newly finished chairs.

Woodturning Techniques with Eli Avisera

6/26 - 6/30

This weeklong workshop will be full of learning methods and techniques in turning wood from the foundation to the highest level. Eli promises that anyone at any level will learn new and better techniques.

Glow & Blow: An Introduction to Neon with David Svenson

6/26 - 6/30

This class will introduce students to the many possibilities that "neon" can offer. Students will gain a basic understanding of the manufacturing of neon tubes and the step by step procedure of processing tubes as well as maintenance and safety of the equipment. The class will explore neon as a "mixed media" and how these luminous tubes can be incorporated and presented with other materials such as wood, glass, and concrete.

Buried in Bandings: A Demilune with Eye Appeal with Mark Arnold

6/26 - 6/30

The demilune table is a classic furniture form. Its many surfaces beg for decoration and Mark will show just that. Students will focus intensively on the broad range of possibilities for veneering and inlaying the top, edge, apron, and legs of a Federal-inspired table. If you long to experience the sense of self-satisfaction gained by truly challenging yourself, this class is for you!

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July 2017

Laminating, Bending & Shaping Wood: A Sculptural Adventure with Michael Cooper

7/10 - 7/14

In this workshop students will explore the tremendous potential of bent wood lamination. Michael's goal is to expand your visual thinking and knowledge and get you using the right 'fast' tool for safe, challenging and exciting work. Come ready to grow!

The Mark & Mikey Show with Mark Sfirri & Michael Hosaluk

7/10 - 7/14

This workshop will take students on an unlikely journey in the designing and making of sculpture and furniture. Treat yourself to trying out new methods of making and connecting parts in what will be a creative journey. Those brave enough to attend will use a variety of media and materials and a range of techniques in turning, carving, painting, drawing, assembling to explore the creative process.

Drawing with Wire with Joel Armstrong

7/10 - 7/14

During the week students will experience an entirely new use for what is frequently called baler's wire. Properly handled, it can be hammered to mimic pencil and brush lines and used to create fluid curves. Students won't be creating sculpture with it, but drawing" objects in perspective

Parent/Child Making a Skateboard/Longboard with Chris Gochnour

7/15 - 7/16

Building a skateboard requires many basic woodworking skills such as stock preparation, lamination and pattern routing. Participants will have a great time designing boards and selecting beautiful and interesting woods to create a distinctive style.

Chip Carving With Herman Bueno

7/15 - 7/16

Herman will introduce students to the fundamentals of chip carving, including the importance of design, layout, patience, control, and discipline. By the end of the weekend, Herman will have everyone on the way to free form chip carving.

Carving & Decorating Turned Vessels with Michael Hosaluk

7/15 - 7/16

This class will explore the many directions that surface design and carving can be used to enhance turned vessels and 3-D objects. Students will use acrylic paint, milk paint and dyes along with surface texture to enhance the nature of wood to give it a look of great beauty.

Make a Cutaway Guitar (Part 3) with John Ressler

7/15 - 7/16

Take your guitar building to the next level by adding custom details to your project. This is an advanced guitar building class in which students will learn to build Venetian (bent) cutaway sides. This class will expand your thinking of traditional guitar designs and methods, and will jump-start you to creating your own unique guitar design.

Flow: Creating Maximum Movement in Wood with Christopher White

7/17 - 7/21

This class is designed to challenge a persons way of viewing woodcarving altogether. The emphasis is on sculpting wood into a series of lines, planes, and forms.P articipants will also learn how to bring out the full potential of a piece of wood by finding, simplifying, and refining the inherent lines, planes and forms found in the wood.

Making Metal Move: From Fine Jewelry to Furniture Details with Myra Perrin

7/17 - 7/21

Using copper, silver and bronze, students will learn to use a variety of metal working tools and techniques to create elements to adorn furniture or jewelry to wear. Myra will show the correct ways to saw, file, forge, form, color, join, and finish metal.

Handtool Skills: Make an Enfield Shaker Cabinet with Chris Gochnour

7/17 - 7/21

The Enfield Shaker cabinet is a great woodworking project for woodworkers who want to use a wide range of hand joinery skills and take home a beautiful cabinet. Built with sliding dovetails for the shelves, through dovetails for the top and a cabinet back made from tongue and groove bead board planks using a wide variety of hand planes and traditional mortise and tenon joinery, it's the perfect hand tool project!

Small Cabinet: Big on Details with Mike Pekovich

7/17 - 7/21

Explore the fine points of cabinetmaking while building an elegant wall cabinet. This project packs a big punch when it comes to lessons in case, door and drawer construction. The focus of the class will be on combining machine and handwork with classic construction techniques to produce work of the highest quality.

Make Your Own 3-Axis CNC: Let the Future Begin with John Knight

7/22 - 7/28

A CNC can be a valued addition to any shop and now you can have one. Building and having a CNC is only part of the process in cutting parts on a machine. Class time will also be spent on using and programming the new CNC router

Sketchup for Today's Woodworker with Bob Lang

7/22 - 7/23

This class will get the SketchUp novice up and running, and concentrate on using the program to develop designs and to plan accurate parts lists and work processes. Bob will explore ways to extract and use that information to generate printed working drawings, create accurate cut lists, and plan work sequences.

Getting the Most From Your Table Saw with Steve Latta

7/22 - 7/22

You bit the bullet and equipped your shop with a great table saw. Are you getting the most out of it? In this demonstration Steve will take a long, detailed look at this workhorse so that students can tap its potential.

Making a Kumiko Box - Perfect for Keepsakes with Mike Pekovich

7/22 - 7/23

Are you looking to spice up your work in a novel way? Then you need to sharpen your chisels and try your hand at kumiko. This Japanese latticework technique creates elegant geometric patterns and is traditionally found on shoji screens. Recently, it has been making its way into contemporary furniture and boxes.

Getting the Most From Your Router with Steve Latta

7/23 - 7/23

Combined with a myriad of available bits, this one tool can be used for joinery, moldings, pattern work, to list just a few of its capabilities. In this demonstration, students will gain an overview of small laminate, traditional, D-handle and plunge routers. Both hand-held and router table applications will be covered along with a wide assortment of the most common jigs.

Decorative Veneering with Paul Schürch

7/24 - 7/28

Come and spend a week with Paul Schürch, one of the worlds premier veneer experts. If you have attended veneer classes in the past or currently work with veneer, you will not want to miss this class.

Fundamentals of Woodworking with Steve Latta

7/24 - 7/28

This class will give students an understanding of essential skills. Tools, both hand and power, will be covered in great depth with ample opportunities to practice and refine. By making a cherry, single-drawer, end table as the class project, students will learn a systematic approach to building that flows smoothly following a logical path that enhances accuracy, cleanliness and speed.

A Week for Sara's Research: A Rediscovery of Spalted Wood in the Crafts of Our Era with Sara Robinson

7/24 - 7/28

This special week long course on spalting will take an in-depth look at all aspects from the rich historical uses to modern science applications. Students will learn the fundamentals of wood anatomy and fungal biology, experiment with old styles of spalted woodworking

Shaker Oval Boxes With Herman Bueno

7/29 - 7/30

In this class students will make five nested, oval, shaker boxes. If time allows there will even be a bonus small tray project. Before you know it, you have made an oval box set and you'll be hooked for life.

Woodturning for Women with Sara Robinson

7/29 - 7/30

The Marc Adams School of Woodworking is committed to removing barriers for the typical belief that woodworking is just for men. To that end, this basic woodturning course is being taught by a woman, for women. This workshop is designed for women of any age who have never seen a lathe before, or are moderately proficient and would simply like another point of view for turning.

Making Jigsaw Puzzles with Purpose with Marc Tschida

7/29 - 7/30

This two day session is designed to give students the skills to create their own personalized jigsaw puzzle using a scroll saw. Personalized puzzles make perfect gifts for family, friends or even a craft item that can be sold. students will have plenty of hands-on experience making their own jigsaw puzzles on the scroll saw. This class is perfect for an individual or for a parent/child combination.

Veneering of Large Surfaces Both Curved & Flat with Paul Schürch

7/29 - 7/30

Paul will explore the ways to create and handle big veneer skins. Paul will demonstrate how to apply big size veneer onto flat or curved surfaces successfully. The techniques each student will learn can be applied onto any veneered cabinet or furniture project, and will open up a whole new way of thinking and working big.

Hands-on Finishing With Mitch Kohanek [Jul]

7/31 - 8/4

This five day hands-on finishing class is designed to help students understand what finishing schedule is best for their projects. The goal is to learn what it takes to create a beautiful, lasting, finish through a variety of finishing systems.

Metal Spinning for the Woodturner with Lynne Hull

7/31 - 8/4

This class will introduce woodturners to the metal spinning process. Students will explore the creative options this technique offers the turner, learn to adapt a woodturning lathe for metal spinning and to make the hand tools needed to form sheet metal.

Making a Pembroke Table with Steve Latta

7/31 - 8/6

The Pembroke table was a symbol of wealth and success and truly exemplifies the sophistication of the federal period. While building this piece, students will touch on many not so everyday techniques including rule and knuckle joints, curved drawer fronts that are veneered and cockbeaded, and of course, the inlaid ornamentation.

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August 2017

Spot Repair & Touch-Up with Mitch Kohanek

8/5 - 8/6

With spot repair skills, students are able to learn the basics of repairing nicks, dents and scratches in wood and wood coatings. This class also includes larger repairs such as crushed corners, missing pieces of veneer, damage done by the family pet, water rings, chemical spills, heat damage and a host of other types of damage.

Beautiful Borders: Using Silver Wire, Stone and Precious Metals with John Koch

8/5 - 8/6

This class will focus on the use of silver wire, stone and small metal inlays to create borders or other features that embellish wood. These techniques are applicable for projects from turned bowls to furniture legs and beyond.

Veneering: A Course of Action for Making Furniture with Marc Adams

8/7 - 8/11

Marc will help students gain an understanding of the logical order of how veneered furniture should be assembled. Students will make a wall cabinet that will tell a story in veneer from one side to the other. Marc will also discuss how to utilize veneering over solid wood to create the look of fine solid stock.

Furniture by Design with Graham Blackburn

8/7 - 8/11

In this weeklong class, Graham covers the whole gamut of design essentials. Students will learn about function, construction, and proportion–the three pillars of design. Whatever your level of woodworking expertise or experience, good design is the essential first step to making any kind of furniture.

Skew Chisel Boot Camp with Alan Lacer

8/7 - 8/11

In this exceptional class Alan will challenge you to only use one type of tool all week: the skew chisel. After learning to produce "scary sharp" edges, Alan will take you through at least ten different cuts with this versatile tool.

Making Woodturning Tools & Accessories with Alan Lacer

8/12 - 8/13

In this hands-on class Alan will take students through the process of making several shop-made woodturning tools and accessories. The underlying theme is that using only a lathe and drill press, a woodturner can create a variety of metal working projects.

The 10 Rules of Fine Finishing with Tim Puro

8/12 - 8/12

In this one day class Tim will share his ten rules of finishing that will help students become a better finisher. The class will feature a combination of lecture and hands-on demonstrations so students can experience the finishing rules first hand.

Jigs & Fixtures for the Hand Tool Woodworker with Graham Blackburn

8/12 - 8/13

The use of hand tools seldom means freehand tool use, whether sawing, planing or boring. Although unfamiliar to most woodworkers, these jigs and fixtures are simple to make and simple to use. The list is virtually endless, but in just a weekend students will learn how to use and make some of the most important ones.

Three Methods of French Polishing with Tim Puro

8/13 - 8/13

French polishing is a skill that is hard to learn from reading a book or watching a video. It is best learned from an instructor who has mastered the craft. Tim will demonstrate not one but three different methods of French polishing. The first is the method traditionally described in books and magazine articles using shellac and oil. The second method uses waxy shellac and a special technique to create the French polished look. The third method is a cousin to French polishing called French padding that furniture restorers use to revive finishes.

Apprenticeship: Making Fine Furniture with Stephen Proctor

8/14 - 8/25

During the two weeks, students will design and construct an individual project, but Stephen doesn't want students to come with any preconceived ideas about what they want to make; they will be inspired during the first week.

Edges and Inlays: Edge Details, Embellishments and Surface Decorations with Scott Grove

8/14 - 8/18

This course is for anyone who wants to take their furniture to the next level; the objective is to add an incredible range of exciting curved edges and inlay possibilities for woodworkers.

Making a Federal Tea Caddy with Ronnie Young

8/14 - 8/18

In this workshop students will build a tea caddy in the Federal style. These boxes were often decorated with inlays typical of the period and will have mitered corners, applied French feet, inlayed stringing, and a paterae decorating the top. The caddy is small in size but has a number of construction techniques applicable to larger case pieces.

Making Simple, Yet Elegant Tables with Michael Fortune

8/19 - 8/20

This class is about learning to reproduce a small table form using shop made jigs but in a manner that allows for almost unlimited opportunities to customize it. Making pattern jigs and holding parts in a safe and secure manner will be an important part of this class.

Making Allie's Stool with Jerry C. Forshee

8/19 - 8/19

This one day class will give students a full day of fun hands-on woodworking experiences and learning. No previous woodworking experience is needed. All processes will be fully explained and guided by Jerry and the school's expert staff. This is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to advance their woodworking skills and at the end of the day take home a custom hardwood stool that your toddler, child or grandchild will use and cherish forever.

Making a Patriotic Cutting Board with Scott Grove

8/19 - 8/20

In this fast passed weekend class students will make a flag cutting board with curved joinery, string inlay and an inlaid dyed stone composite star. Scott will demonstrate how to utilized off-set templates and router template guides to perfectly match a curved hardwood seam. The final product will be a unique one-of-a-kind cutting board nice enough to simply hang on the wall and salute.

Joinery II With Marc Adams

8/21 - 8/25

This workshop will deal with the layout, marking, and cutting of joints—mostly by hand—that will make you the envy of all your woodworking friends. The class will be open only to students who have completed Joinery I.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall with Michael Fortune

8/21 - 8/25

Every home can use a mirror whether it's near the entry door, in a hallway or a dressing mirror in the bedroom. Students will learn how to work with angled surfaces and how to clamp surfaces that are not parallel. These mirrors can incorporate live edges, veneered parts or solid wood with decorative edges.

Getting the Most from Your Bandsaw with Michael Fortune

8/26 - 8/26

The bandsaw can be one of the most accurate and safe machines in your workshop-provided it is set up and used properly. Installing new tires, selecting and setting blade tension, tracking, cutting curves, and resawing will be covered. A variety of useful jigs will be demonstrated.

Embellishment on Turnings with Binh Pho

8/26 - 8/27

Students will learn everything they need to know about the surface preparation for design purposes, using airbrushing, piercing and texturing techniques selecting and suitable materials. Binh prefers that students already have some turning experience. By the end of the weekend, under Binh's guidance, students will able to produce spectacular work.

Gamble House Medicine Cabinet with Bob Lang

8/26 - 8/27

Join Bob, author of Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture and former executive editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine and make your own reproduction of this wall-hung cabinet from the solid wood of your choice. Students will learn how to build and hang a mortise and tenon frame and panel door as well as build a sturdy case from solid wood.

One-of-a-Kind Fixtures for One-of-a-Kind Results with Michael Fortune

8/27 - 8/27

Making his hand tools, power tools and stationary machines more versatile and accurate has been a passion of Michael's for over forty years. During this one day class he will demonstrate how to use and make a selection of his favorite shop made jigs. Michael will provide drawings of each of the jigs so students can make them back in their own workshop.

Upholstery: From Webbing to Springs to Show Covers with Mike Mascelli

8/28 - 9/1

Students will learn the history of upholstery as well as the fundamental tools, techniques and materials needed for the completion of their own full-size upholstery project along side of master upholster Mike Mascelli.

Carving with a Classical Flair with Alexander Grabovetskiy

8/28 - 9/1

Students will learn the technique of thinking through the entire carving process from start to finish which will make the carving process efficient. Alexander will discuss how to make the tools do a variety of cuts, even when the wood grain is not cooperating.

Great Shop Fixtures & Accessories with Zane Powell & Doug Dale

8/28 - 9/1

There are three common shop fixtures that every woodworker should have: a router table, cross cut box, and a cope and style fixture. In this one week class students will make all three of these fixtures, which are the same one's used at MASW. And there's more. There will be at least three surprise fixtures or hand tools that Zane or Doug have designed for each person to make and take as well.

Make a Traditional Panel Raising Plane with Tod Herrli

8/28 - 9/1

The panel raising plane is a highly specialized tool designed to cut the perimeter of a panel to fit into the groove provided by the rails and stiles. It also produces clean smooth pane cuts that require no sanding and that are dimensioned properly each time. The goal during the week is to complete all the woodwork on the plane body in the first three days and save the last two days for the steelwork and tuning.

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September 2017

Joinery with Marc Adams [Sept]

9/5 - 9/9

No matter what your skill level, this class will change the way you approach all of your projects. Each student will go home with a sack full of cut joints and the knowledge to tackle all common joints.

Infuse It and Learn to Use It with Mark Hedin and Curtis Seebeck

9/5 - 9/9

During this five day hands-on class students will learn the process by which wood and many other porous materials can be impregnated and stabilized with resin, as well as how to cast blanks utilizing a variety of resins and techniques. Throughout the week they will incorporate those blanks into several small projects.

The Sound of Woodworking with Nick Artemakis & Scott Zelinka

9/5 - 9/5

In this workshop, the A2Z Speaker guys will provide an introduction to speaker building, which brings together the fundamentals of electricity, magnetism, sound and acoustics, with the satisfaction of precision hands-on woodworking. Class participants will discover how speaker drivers work, the basics of crossover network design, and why the style of a cabinet enclosure also influences the quality of sound. Students will learn how to blend these elements together in the construction of a pair of pyramid shape enclosures that are not only visually compelling, but also acoustically superior to conventional box designs.

Turning Elegant Visual & Tactile Vessels with J. Paul Fennell

9/11 - 9/15

In this class students will focus on techniques to turn elegant hollow forms with additional emphasis on visual and tactile elements applied after completing the vessel. Students will learn to develop a sense of form while turning, and how subtle changes during the turning process can dramatically change the final look of the vessel.

Designing & Making Counter Height Chairs with Michael Fortune

9/11 - 9/15

Designing counter height chairs presents several challenges that will be addressed in this class. Students will build a chair that can have solid wood or an upholstered seat and can be made with a back or without. Chairs of this nature are most often made in multiples so Michael will bring jigs that will help with reproducing the chair parts.

Veneering with Adrian Ferrazzutti

9/11 - 9/15

In this class students will use hand tools to cut and prepare commercial veneers to create matching grain patterns of their own design for two panel projects. Through class demonstrations and individual consultation, Adrian will assist students with designing and making a square panel with a 4-way match of their choice as well as a larger more involved 12-way redial match.

Weaving Seats: Traditional Techniques With Cane with Cathryn Peters

9/16 - 9/17

Want to learn how to supplement your retirement income, furniture making or refinishing business by offering chair seat weaving, but are afraid to try? Well, here's your chance to test the waters and learn all about the two most popular and traditional types of chair caning techniques.

Pure Form & True Shapes: a Foundation for All Turners with J. Paul Fennell

9/16 - 9/17

In this weekend class, Master woodturner J. Paul Fennell will teach the essentials to create vessel forms that bring elegance to any students work. Good form is an important starting point for making gallery-quality work and for more advanced work such as carving, piercing and pyrography. Students will make several vessel forms during the weekend to learn the basics of good design.

Sketching & Drawings as a Design Tool-the Pencil Remains King (if I Can Only Find Mine) with Michael Fortune

9/16 - 9/17

Pictorial drawing in particular may seem like a process that takes years to learn. In fact it is quite simple when you become accustomed to using a preprinted perspective chart. Being able to visualize a workshop jig or illustrate a piece of furniture helps you understand the object you're about to make so that mistakes are avoided. Demonstrations will take place on how to illustrate inclined surfaces, open doors and drawers, how to draw circles and even irregular curves all to scale.

Coopering: Beyond Barrels & Buckets with Adrian Ferrazzutti

9/16 - 9/17

Coopering, or cooperage as it's correctly termed, is an old world technique by which thin boards or staves are cut, bent and arranged in a circular fashion with metal hoops to create cups, storage vessels, and barrels. Today this woodworking technique is finding its way into furniture components such as solid doors, frame and panels, case work, chair seats and backs, benches, coffee tables along with sculptural work that is more art on form than function.

Segmented Turning with Malcolm Tibbetts

9/18 - 9/22

This class is designed for both accomplished "segmenters" as well as beginners. Students will be guided in creating their own designs. At first glance, segmented woodturning can be quite intimidating, but once you know and understand the process, it can become a very rewarding activity.

Making an Acoustic Guitar with John Ressler

9/18 - 9/23

Building your own guitar can be one of the most rewarding crafts. You will be guided through all the critical elements of making an acoustic, steel-string guitar. Materials will be high-grade, quality, solid woods only.

Bending the Rules: Curved Interior Work with Gary Striegler

9/18 - 9/22

The ability to make curved trim for cabinets, or curved details on furniture is like having a Ph.D. in woodworking. Gary will break down the challenge of working with curved trim into three parts: making a curved blank; profiling the blank; and installing the finished piece. Students will work in three groups to build a curved top paneled niche.

Fine Finishing with Common Hardware Store Materials with Tim Puro

9/23 - 9/24

If you understand the properties of hardware store materials, you can finish like a pro! Over a period of two days, Tim will help you master these conventional (and unconventional) finishing materials to produce professional looking finishes for cherry, walnut, mahogany, and even birch plywood.

Getting Started in Intarsia the Wise Way with Kathy Wise

9/23 - 9/24

In this very unique intarsia workshop, students will learn all the basic intarsia steps from the beginning to end. By the conclusion of Sunday each person will have a completed project ready for the final finish.

Scrimshaw on Common Modern Materials with Mike Dubber

9/23 - 9/24

Students will scrimshaw on materials such as bone and/or tauga nut (vegetable ivory) but are encouraged to bring their own scrimshaw subject matter, such as bone handled knives, animal ivory jewelry, or steer horn. Scrimshaw is a highly detailed art technique that can be incorporated into nearly any craft project.

Turning Bowls and Platters with Glenn Lucas

9/25 - 9/29

This practical course will take a look at using your local hardwoods and creating wonderful utility bowls and platters for your dining table. Students will also learn how to make natural and square edged bowls. Glenn's enthusiasm and knowledge, from many years as a production turner and teacher, will benefit all levels of woodturners.

Coloring & Finishing Wood with Water-Based & Waterborne Products with David Smith

9/25 - 9/29

Students will spend an entire week using several types of finishes and techniques all centered on these low-odor, non-flammable products. During the week students will be able to try a variety of different water based products that are on the market today, and experience their differences. Water based finishes can be applied with brushes, pads, and a variety of different spray guns. Finally David will demonstrate how to get great tactile and visual qualities with several different rubbing techniques.

Sweet Dreams: Making a Family Heirloom with Jerry C. Forshee

9/25 - 9/29

How about making an heirloom quality crib or toddler bed in the Arts & Crafts style that could be part of your family for generations? This class will cover numerous woodworking topics including: shop machine safety, basic stock milling, stock selection, grain orientation, stock layout, mortise and tenon joinery, pattern routing, basic bed anatomy and design, glue-up and clamping assembly techniques and best practices and a discussion of a popular finishing schedule.

Everything You Need to Know About Spray Finishing with David Smith

9/30 - 9/30

Spray finishing can be a very fun, fast, and rewarding way to apply almost any finish. In this one day class, David will explain the fundamentals of spray finishing. By the end of the day, students will be able to decide which spray system is best for their needs. David will also discuss the challenges of spraying dyes, lacquers, varnishes, and waterborne finishes, while going over set up, safety, exhausting, and overspray.

Square Edge Bowl Turning with Glenn Lucas

9/30 - 10/1

Turning square edge pieces can be both challenging and very rewarding. Using similar turning techniques to making natural edge bowls, Glenn can help each student create crisp, finely detailed bowls and platters avoiding the common problems. Students will have a chance to work on two projects, one being artistic and the other functional.

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October 2017

Hand Forging a Craftsman Style Flared Copper Wall Sconce with James K Davies

10/2 - 10/5

In this class James demonstrates several of the most important techniques in hand forging a stylish, yet simple, copper wall sconce. Students will learn to cut, shape, texture, and join copper components with copper rivets and silver brazing to create this unique fixture. Students will make a wall sconce that employs many of the celebrated design elements of the American Arts & Crafts movement.

CNC Woodworking Skills & Techniques with Tim Celeski

10/2 - 10/6

The focus of this intermediate class is to help students grow their skills to make best use of digital tools, such as a CNC's, in their workshop. To do that student will work with 3-D CAD drawings with special emphasis on setting up CAM software to program CNC's and transfer those drawings on to the machine. Each person will get plenty of hands-on experience with 2-D milling operations for cutting out parts, holes, mortising, making jigs and basic CNC joinery.

Handskills Every Woodworker Should Know with Stephen Proctor

10/2 - 10/6

Literally anything can be made using hand tools, but not everything can be made with machinery. Understanding hand tools and how to use them will enable you to make furniture that would otherwise be impossible to accomplish by power tools alone. This course is about tuning and using tools as well as marking out and cutting half-lap, mortise and tenon, and dovetail joints.

Turning Wave Bowls & More with John Beaver

10/2 - 10/6

John's signature "wave" bowls are super fun to make and this class will show students two different ways to make them — but John will teach and show so much more. Students will begin cutting apart dry blocks of wood, bending wood to make curves and building designs to be turned. John will show students the importance of form as well as many of his tips and tricks that can help students solve their own design problems.

Advanced Band Sawn Boxes with Jeff Vollmer

10/7 - 10/8

In this class students will create an interlocking puzzle box which features three spring-loaded, hidden drawers! The box is challenging to make as well as fascinating and puzzling to look at. Jeff will talk about cutting techniques, shaping, making and fitting drawers, special hardware applications and finishing.

Turning Delightful Ornaments with Uncommon Materials with Mark Hedin

10/7 - 10/8

Ornaments make wonderful personalized gifts for the holidays. During this hands-on two day class students will learn to turn uncommon materials to produce stunning one-of-a-kind multimedia heirloom ornaments.

The Spokeshave: A Simple Tool to Create the Truest of Forms with Stephen Proctor

10/7 - 10/8

This class is about understanding, tuning, and using the spokeshave: Particularly the Record 151 and/or the Record A151. After tuning the tool and learning how to sharpen the blade, Stephen will demonstrate why and how it is used to create true and accurate concave and convex forms.

Making Holiday Woodworking Gifts with Digital Tools with Tim Celeski

10/7 - 10/8

Students will make ornaments, gifts, catch-alls, boxes, smart phone cradles, trivets, cutting boards and even a Christmas tree in this fast paced two-day class. In the process Tim will introduce students to using CAD, CNCs and Laser Cutters in a woodworking shop. No experience is necessary! Just come, enjoy, and learn as everyone will be involved as a group working together to make all these unique projects.

Painting with Wood: French Marquetry with Patrick Edwards

10/9 - 10/13

This class will introduce the student to the chevalet as well as the traditional method used to create elaborate marquetry designs, referred to in the 17th century as "painting in wood." Students will begin with a simple etude or project which will allow them to learn how to operate the tool.

Carving Made Easy with Andrei Marek

10/9 - 10/13

This workshop is an introduction to traditional woodcarving, combining drawing with execution. Emphasis will be placed on the acanthus leaf, the central element of traditional decoration in furniture and architecture. Andrei will teach students how to interpret drawings, transferring them, outlining, ways to lower down the background and carving the details.

Create Perfect Off-the-Saw Joinery with a Saw You Make with Kevin Glenn Drake

10/9 - 10/13

In this class students will make both rip and crosscut joinery saws. Saw geometry and long-term saw maintenance will be emphasized. Students will not only learn how to set and sharpen a saw, but they will also learn how to shape the teeth for the job at hand. Skills gained in this class will enable students to maintain their saws the same way they maintain their hand planes and chisels.

Making a Greene & Greene Gamble House Side Chair with George Knutson

10/9 - 10/14

In this class, students will learn processes and techniques involved in chair construction. George will explain methods and techniques that can be used in your own shop for making future G&G projects. Over the course of six days, students will mill parts, create mortise and tenon joinery, shape and fit parts, glue-up sub-assemblies that will lead to the final glue-up of the entire chair, and fit ebony buttons and cross-ties (in the center back splat).

Veneering a Turned Vertical Column with Patrick Edwards

10/14 - 10/14

The ability to apply veneers to different diameter columns allows furniture designers to expand their design options when making furniture. This class will provide instruction and hands-on experience in using protein glues to veneer columns.

Hand Planes & Their Uses with Thomas Lie-Nielsen & Deneb Puchalski

10/14 - 10/15

Imagine spending two days with Thomas Lie-Nielsen and Deneb Puchalski. Thomas is the man whose name is on some of the best hand planes made in the world. Deneb is Thomas' son-in-law who is responsible for the in-house training at TLN. Together, they will share their vast knowledge of hand planes and scrapers. There will be discussions on the correct way to set up your planes to get maximum performance, as well as how to use, sharpen, and care for them.

Custom Landing Nets, Where Form & Function Meet with Sam Lacina

10/14 - 10/15

This class will start with a quick overview of the various methods for constructing landing nets as well as design considerations. Sam will demonstrate the sanding and machining process to produce the base frame. Each person will shape the handle to a personally pleasing contour before starting the final sanding and detailing. After a discussion of net bag attachment techniques, the student will be guided in the steps to complete their net.

Traditional Gluing Techniques: Working With Protein Glues With Patrick Edwards

10/15 - 10/15

For centuries furniture makers have built ordinary and spectacular creations which all have one thing in common: they all use traditional protein glues. It is important to understand each type and its proper use, as well as methods used to prepare, apply and clean up residue. Patrick will demonstrate a wide variety of clamping tricks.

Details: Taking Your Work to the Next Level with Marc Adams

10/16 - 10/20

This workshop will be an intensive study of understanding how to work with wood, both through design and physical hands-on practice. The focus of this process-oriented workshop is the development of skills that can be applied to building fine wood furniture.

Swedish Traditional Spoon Carving with Jögge Sundqvist

10/16 - 10/20

Carving finely made eating and cooking spoons is a rich tradition going back a thousand years in Scandinavia. These elegant and useful objects are either painted with oil-based colors or adorned with decorative chip carvings.

Woodworking for Women: Building Confidence with Kelly Parker

10/16 - 10/20

In this workshop students will construct two unique wall mirrors while learning the basics of solid wood construction, veneering and joinery. Kelly loves to share her woodworking knowledge. Each student will be encouraged to embellish her projects with pyrography (wood burning), carved textures, inlay, application of color, etc., so that the mirrors created are reflective of her own unique style.

18th Century Parquetry with Don Williams

10/16 - 10/18

Decorative veneer work is a transformative design tool, and in this three-day workshop students will be replicating techniques practiced by Parisian ateliers in the 1760s and documented by Roubo in his monumental treatise L'Art du Menusier. A field of completed parquetry is the goal, to be used alone or as the background for intarsia or other decorative marquetry. Students will begin with solid lumber and mill their own veneers for use in the exercises.

Historical Finishing with Don Williams

10/19 - 10/21

Finishing remains a perplexing realm to many woodworkers, and in this three day workshop Don will demystify finishing and replicate the techniques of centuries long past, employing the materials and methods of craftsmen from these earlier days along with some traditional coloration methods.

Making a Comfy Chair & Ottoman with Michael Fortune

10/21 - 10/27

With good jigs, it's easy to make one, two or any number of these beautiful garden chairs. Lamination techniques, pattern making, jig construction and simple joinery will be demonstrated throughout the week. Students will also make a complimentary ottoman.

Hands-on Finishing with Mitch Kohanek [Oct]

10/23 - 10/29

This five day hands-on finishing class is designed to help students understand what finishing schedule is best for their projects. The goal is to learn what it takes to create a beautiful, lasting, finish through a variety of finishing systems.

Building a Step Back Cupboard with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton

10/23 - 10/27

During this five day class students will re-create the period construction methods needed to build a step back cupboard or commonly called a side cupboard. Students can choose to have solid doors on the top, if desired, as well as the option of beveled case corners with a lamb's tongue top and bottom.

The Shrinkbox with Scandinavian Chip Carving and Painting with Jögge Sundqvist

10/23 - 10/27

These techniques date back centuries and are based on the self sufficient farmer using his hands in a process called "slöjd". Students work with both fresh and dry wood and learn the entire process of making a shrinkbox as well as the process of chip carving the outside. Jögge will demonstrate techniques for splitting and carving, knife techniques, wet and dry joining, drying wood, sharpening, and an introduction to carved decoration. He will also share his colorful and creative process for oil painting the natural parts of the box.

Decorative Finishes: Distressing, Ageing, Glazing, Fuming, Crackle & Faux Inlays with Mitch Kohanek

10/28 - 10/29

This is a two day class where students will have some fun being introduced to decorative finishes that are way beyond making wood look just brown and shiny. These techniques will allow students to use inexpensive wood or even MDF board to create an attractive finish.

Fluting, Reeding & Spiraling for Furniture Makers with Alan Lacer

10/28 - 10/28

This one day demonstration by Alan is new to MASW. The lathe used to layout and hold the piece while carving or shaping. Alan will take students through both manual and machine assisted (such as using a router) methods. These methods are primarily applied to long grain turning (as for finials, columns, balusters, lamps, table and chair legs, etc.) but they adapt well to bowl and vessel turning.

Secrets of Making Doors & Drawers with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton

10/28 - 10/29

During this two day class Jeff and Steve will share their construction methods for building doors and drawers. Saturday will be the drawer day and Sunday will be the door day. Students will practice cutting and fitting dovetailed drawer sides into a drawer front. On Sunday, students will cut and fit mortise and tenons on door rails and stiles.

Woodturning with Alan Lacer [Oct]

10/30 - 11/3

This class includes something for everyone, whether a new turner or someone wishing to build and improve upon their woodturning foundation. Alan covers the basics of spindle turning, bowl turning, and how to execute a fine-fitting, lidded box. And there's plenty of time for hands on practice!

Joinery with Marc Adams [Oct]

10/30 - 11/3

No matter what your skill level, this class will change the way you approach all of your projects. Students gain confidence and learn that if they can lay it out accurately and cut to the line, any joint is possible. By the end of the week, you will be a joinery wizard.

Make a Fishtail Hanging Corner Cupboard with Alf Sharp

10/30 - 11/3

The design of this fishtail corner cupboard is an exceptionally small cabinet that doesn't take up a lot of room and is very handy for storing and displaying small items. This cabinet will have several challenges including cutting the angles for the sides and back, making the glass door, installing hardware and mounting the custom cut crown moldings.