Details: Taking Your Work to the Next Level with Marc Adams [June '15]

Marc Adams leads his students through the many options available to detail your work. Some of the topics he covered included advanced joinery; detailed veneer work; and modeling carvings to embellish your final project. Marc's students had plenty of time to practice each new technique. After a week, they are ready to take their detailing to the next level.

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Blending Hand & Power: Making a Unique Gate-Leg Table with Chris Gochnour

This week Chris Gochnour demonstrated how he builds furniture using an efficient mix of power tools and traditional hand tools to make his furniture masterpieces. This means his furniture is of the highest quality and yet can be made profitably. Knowing when to set up a power machine and when to pull out the handplane is the key to his success. His students get to learn all of this while making a classic Gate-Leg Table.

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Weekend of 6/13/2015

This weekend featured "Fine Finishing with Common Hardware Store Materials with Tim Puro," "Parent/Child Making a Skateboard/Longboard with Chris Gochnour," "The Making of Woodturning Tools, Jigs & Accessories with Alan Lacer" and "Laser Marquetry: The Future of Veneering with Marc Adams." Wow!

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Apprenticeship with Michael Fortune - Week 2 [June '15]

Michael Fortune's class completes their two week Apprenticeship and the a lot of great furniture projects are starting to emerge. The design and technical details of many really great pieces are already well on their way towards completion. All in all, a very inspirational class!

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Decorative Details with Steve Latta [June '15]

Decorative Details with Steve Latta has been a staple here at the school for many years. After looking at some of the work going on in the class, it's not hard to see why. Steve is a superb teacher with exceptional expertise and willing to share it all.

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Woodturning with Alan Lacer [June '15]

Alan Lacer is no stranger at the school he's been with us for decades. The reason for that was revealed to his sold-out class during a fun week that introduced all the basic forms of turning available to the aspiring woodturner!

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