Carving with a Classical Flair with Alexander Grabovetskiy

Alexander Grabovetskiy is a very talented carver who shared his gift with this lucky group of participants. Their introduction to classical carving began with sharpening and ended with more confidence and knowledge. In between they made a lot of chips!

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Make Your Own Custom Workbench with Doug Dale [2016]

Doug Dale is our resident workbench expert; and in his class, each student makes the workbench that best suits them. With the help of all the participants, each student made a bench that would have been a real challenging to make alone. Each left ready to assemble their new best tool!

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Demystifying Your Hand Tools with Deneb Puchalski

Deneb Puchalski, of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks fame, taught this lucky class the best way to tune and use their handplanes until everyone was making translucent shavings in great abundance.

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Weekend of 8/13/2016

This weekends activities included "The Craft, History and Culture of Spalting with Sara Robinson" and "Jewelry: Making Metal Move with Myra Perrin."

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Foundations of Woodworking: Making a Pair of Cherry Tables with Jerry C. Forshee

Jerry leads his class through the fundamentals of good woodworking while each student builds a pair of handsome cherry side tables. That's twice the bang for your buck!

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Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek [8_16]

Mitch's Hands-On Finishing class is a staple here at the school. Another lucky class of participants got to find out why that is while they took their finishing abilities to another level.

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