Making a Greene and Greene Blanket Chest with George Knutson

The Greene and Greene style is a classic and so it this blanket chest. George Knutson led his class through the theory and the process of making this inspired piece while they all learned more about the Greene and Greene tradition.

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Marquetry with Marc Adams

Spending a week learning the art of marquetry from Marc Adams was a real game changer for this group of lucky participants. With little marquetry experience on Monday, they leave on Friday ready to incorporate it into any future work.

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Mastering the Curve: Bending, Joinery and Shaping Wood with Michael Fortune [2016]

This week Michael Fortune shares his extensive knowledge of how bending and shaping wood with a lucky group of students - and no straight, flat board is safe! Everyone leaves with a whole new perspective; already thinking how about to incorporate curves into their next project.

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Skew Chisel Boot Camp with Alan Lacer [2016]

The master of the the skew chisel returns to MASW to spend the week with a lucky class exploring the use of the skew chisel at the wood lathe. They begin by learning why their skew chisel has never performed up to expectations and then proceed to learn all the different cuts with lots of time to practice their new-found skills.

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Furniture Restoration, Repair and Refinishing with Tim Puro [2016]

Tim Puro leads another fortunate class through the ins and outs of top-notch furniture restoration and repair. With the opportunity to observe all the different techniques necessary to refinish a class room full of different furniture pieces, everyone learns much more than how to complete their own restoration project!

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Making "Timeless" Furniture: Bring Your Own Personal Assistant! with Doug Dale

It's amazing how fast a week goes by while making timeless furniture with our own Doug Dale. This group of enthusiastic participants learned a whole lot more than how to make an elegant shaker wall clock; they learned skills that will help them with all their future projects!

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