Leaded Art Glass: Painting with Light with John Hamm

There are lots of ways to embellish your woodworking projects so John Hamm spent this week showing his class how to "paint with light" as they made their first leaded art glass projects. Talk about impressive!

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Woodturning with Jimmy Clewes [2016]

Jimmy Clewes returned to MASW this week to share his techniques and expertise with this luck group of woodturners. They all left with enhanced skills and newly completed turnings to amaze their friends and family.

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Weekend of 4/23/2016

This weekend we have the privilege to host "Getting the Most from Your Bandsaw with Michael Fortune," "Surface Embellishments: It's Not Just for Woodturners with Jennifer Shirley," "Turning Wet Wood with Jimmy Clewes" and "Sawing and Shaping a Cabriole Leg with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton!"

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Making a Shenandoah Valley Tall Case Grandfather Clock with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton

Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton join us again as they present their class with another American icon - the Shenandoah Valley Tall Case Grandfather Clock. Participants in this challenging class spent a busy week creating the parts for their clock. While they'll still have plenty to work on back home, they all made great strides in beginning this instant family heirloom!

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Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek [Apr_16]

Mitch Kohanek's approach to learning the fine art of proper finishing is the best we've seen so it's always a pleasure to welcome him back. This week another group learns why hands-on is the only way to really learn how to finish.

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Making a Number 1 Chair with Michael Fortune [Apr_16]

Michael Fortune's Number 1 Chair is masterpiece of intelligent design and solid joinery with plenty of embellishments to make it stand alone. Michael's students begin the first of two week long sessions as they bend and shape the parts for their own number 1 chair.

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