Making a Federal Style Dovetailed Blanket Chest with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton

Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton are 4th generation furniture makers and have a lot to teach any class. This week they taught their students to make a gorgeous Federal Blanket Chest.

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Combining Wood and Cast Concrete Components with Clay Foster [2016]

This week Clay Foster shares his mixed media approach to furniture and sculpture as his class dives into adding cast concrete components to their woodworking repertoire!

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Weekend of 10/15/2016

This weekend we got to play host to 3 phenomenal classes. Our topics included "Identifying, Conserving and Restoring Finishes with Mitch Kohanek," "How to Turn an Exact Sphere without Measuring with Hans Weissflog" and "Making a Mountain Dulcimer with John Ressler."

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Bowls: Traditional, Natural Edge and Nested Sets with Andy Cole [2016]

Andy Cole and his class spend an entire week delving into making every type of bowl imaginable on the lathe. His students eagerly embrace the Andy's techniques and tips as they expand their woodturning abilities.

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Apprenticeship with Marc Adams [2016]

It's always fun to kick off a week with a two week apprenticeship class and when Marc Adams is leading it, it is sure to be something to remember. With the help of the MASW staff everyone was exposed to aspects of woodworking they hadn't even considered yet.

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Northwest Carving: Totem Techniques with David Franklin

Award winning artist David Franklin returns to MASW to share the carving techniques of the American Northwest as his class crafts a traditional Totem. With adze and bent carving knives the class took to the project with great enthusiasm!

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