Designing Chairs with Michael Fortune [2016]

Just as Michael was here at the start of the season, he's here again at the close. This week he condensed all that he knows about creating chairs into 5 short days as his students learned how to go about designing and building custom chairs from the master.

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Weekend of 10/22/2016

This weekend's activities included "Turned and Twisted with Alan Lacer & Michael Fortune," "Demystifying the Traditional Backsaw with Mark Harrell" and "Chippendale Embellishments with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton." That's 5 instructors and lots of fun!

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Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek [Oct'16]

Mitch is THE man when it comes to teaching how to finish your projects and he got to share his insights with another enthusiastic class. They left knowing how to tackle any common finishing job with plenty of experience to boot!

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Boxes & More with Hans Weissflog [2016]

Hans Weissflog is Germany's top woodturner so we were thrilled to have his teach for us again. His class watched him do things no other woodturner is even attempting and then learned his techniques with his son and him by their sides.

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Making a Federal Style Dovetailed Blanket Chest with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton

Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton are 4th generation furniture makers and have a lot to teach any class. This week they taught their students to make a gorgeous Federal Blanket Chest.

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Combining Wood and Cast Concrete Components with Clay Foster [2016]

This week Clay Foster shares his mixed media approach to furniture and sculpture as his class dives into adding cast concrete components to their woodworking repertoire!

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