Leaded Art Glass: Painting with Light with John Hamm [2017]

John Hamm is a master at creating beautiful images in leaded art glass. His students get to try their hands with John to guide them to their first completed panel.

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Make a Federal Bow Front Sideboard with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton

Jeff and Steve bring another American classic to life in this seven day class. And what a class it is!

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Creative Woodturning with Michael Hosaluk

There is no more creative artist working at the lathe than Michael Hosaluk. This week his class gets experience his creative spirit while they all develop their own artistic touches in this once-in-a-lifetime class.

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Marquetry with Marc Adams

Marc Adams has helped write the book on American marquetry and this week he shares his knowledge with another lucky class. They leave able to add marquetry to their list of skills and they take home knowledge you can only learn at MASW!

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Handskills Every Woodworker Should Know with Stephen Proctor

Stephen Proctor is one of the most skilled hand tool craftsman in the country. This lucky group of students gets to apply Stephen's lessons to their own batch of hand tools and leave with tools ready to cut the most challenging woods.

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Exquisitely Greene & Greene with Thomas Stangeland

Thomas brings his expertise in the Greene & Greene style to bear as he guides his class while they incorporate these classic details into their own furniture masterpiece.

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