Friends and Family of MASW,

On August 12th, 2018 outside our cafeteria door, my wife Susie, Becky Powell and myself told Zane the worst news possible; he had liver cancer. Though at the time he had not been feeling well, the tests showed cancer and within a matter of days he was in the hospital on morphine for pain. They immediately started radiation and chemotherapy, but these just made matters worse. By September, his life was on a day to day basis.

By November, they managed to get some of the pain under control and were able to introduce solid foods in conjunction with the feeding tube. He gained some strength as well as weight and by Christmas he was able to spend quality time with his family.

By February of this year he took a turn downward as the cancer took over ravishing his body. He spent much of March in the hospital but nothing could be done. On Tuesday April 9th Zane passed away at his home. Rest assured he was a sound Christian man and is now enjoying the glory of God’s presence.

There will be a MASW memorial for Zane in July. Date is yet to be determined and we encourage everyone to come.

Marc Adams