Our Team

Community: Belonging is Everything

Without a doubt, MASW has the best staff anywhere—period. They truly work with a servant’s heart. They are people who genuinely “plus” your workshop experience without even knowing that they are doing it. They are enthusiastically dedicated to their work.

Max Monts

Harold Callen

Chef Joe Miller

Chef Larry Whitaker

Special Thanks

Community: Belonging is Everything

The following companies have assisted the school through their dedication to education: Festool, Marc Berner with Marsco Marketing; Nate Miles and Bob Behnke with Franklin International; David Hughes with Peachtree Tools; Custom Service Hardware; Carl Booth with Carl Booth Veneers; Lance and Jim at Indiana Architectural Plywood; and David with MacBeath Hardwood.

Special thanks to the following individuals for their support and assistance over the last year: Herman & Paula Bueno, Doug Dale, Don Metcalf, Joe Miller, Diane Drake, Brian Byrne, Harold Callan, Eric Key, Will Lerums, John Adams, Markee and Patrick Murrin, Jerry C. Forshee, Steve Cummings, Tim Puro, Jim Weaver, Chris Laschinger, Steve Latta, Gary Striegler, Shelly Wells, Cheri King, Alan Brittingham, Tim Alsup, John Knight, Andy Dick, Barry Reiter, Karen and Terry Roush, Mark Oltermann, Emil Pelech, Greg Elsner, Tom Wallace, and to the hundreds of people who rolled their money forward to future classes and those incredible people who allowed their deposits to go to the general fund—we couldn’t have survived WITHOUT YOU!

I am especially thankful for those very special instructors who took on extra duties this year by covering for instructors who were unable to come: Nick Agar, David Smith, Tim Puro, Michael Wilson, Doug Dale, Corey Robinson, Rob Millard-Mendez, Pat Murrin and Will Lerums. And we can’t forget the incredible instructors and students that still came this year—you made this one of the best years ever!