You Can CNC with George Vondriska May 3, 2020 (Sun)


Key Points:
*X, Y and Z axis
*CNC hold-down methods
*Machining wood and other materials
*CNC-specific router bits
*Designing in VCarve
*3D artwork in VCarve
*Creating toolpaths in Vcarve

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Benchtop CNC machines are quickly finding their way into home shops. Here’s a way to find out if a CNC machine is right for you. A small investment in this class will help students determine if they should make the large investment in a CNC router. Already own a CNC? This class will help grow your VCarve and CNC router skills. George will start with an overview of what CNC’s are all about; understanding the X, Y and Z axis, hold down methods, spoilboard, bringing the cut files to the CNC, a look at VCarve design and toolpathing, what types of materials can be CNC machined, and CNC-specific router bits. George will demonstrate VCarve skills by going through a project, step by step. Each student should have a laptop with VCarve software on it. Students will design a clock as a way to master a variety of VCarve design tools. There is no programming or code writing involved. It’s all about using the tools VCarve provides to simplify the design and toolpath process. The clock project includes; text, circular array, clip art, aligning objects, setting object size, moving objects and more.