Woodworking Techniques: The Process of Making a Scraper Plane with Theo Cook May 3-7, 2021

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$865 tuition + $160 materials

Key Points:
*Make a wooden scraper plane
*Improve your woodworking skills, from hand routing to chiseling and filing
*Practice using tools such as an angle grinder, die grinder, shooting board and spokeshave
*Learn hints and tips from a master craftsman

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Workshop Completed

More Information on this Workshop

This practical course will teach students various skills and techniques involved in the creation of a wooden scraper plane. At the end of the five-day course, each student will have completed their own plane, ready to use on future woodworking projects. The plane is of unique design by Theo, but influenced by the Krenov school, where Theo studied for a year. During the course, students will use a number of fundamental woodworking techniques, including hand routing, chiseling, filing and sanding, and become familiar with tools such as a bandsaw, shooting board and a spokeshave. As well as teaching these methods, Theo will also reveal the common mistakes and how to avoid them, plus hints and tips to ensure a seamless finish. He will also discuss the techniques involved in making his renowned Japanese Dovetail joints. This workshop is perfect for those with a little woodworking experience but eager to explore the craft more. This course will not only leave students with a beautiful and functional scraper plane to take home, but also equip them with various woodworking skills.

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