Woodturning with Alan Lacer October 25-29, 2021

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$865 tuition + $45 materials

Key Points:
*Safe lathe practices
*Fundamentals of sharpening all lathe tools
*Exercises for developing tool control and good forms
*Create several between center projects
*Basics of chucking techniques for bowl/plate turning
*Step-by-step approach for turning a green bowl
*Methods for making a turned lidded box
*Suggestions for finishing a variety of turned objects

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More Information on this Workshop

This class includes something for everyone, whether a new turner or someone wishing to build and improve upon their woodturning foundation. Alan discusses the basics of spindle turning, bowl work to executing a fine-fitting, lidded box. You will have your own lathe and plenty of hands-on time to work on a wide range of projects. The week begins with a detailed discussion of lathes, tools, sharpening, wood selection and safety. Special emphasis is given to developing skills with shaping, sharpening, and honing woodturning tools. You will be coached and encouraged to produce at least one piece from three areas of woodturning. The first is spindle turning, which includes such items as tool handles, furniture parts, spinning tops, rolling pins, wine stoppers, etc. The second area is facework, which includes bowls, platters, plates, drawer or cabinet pulls (for screw mounting), stool seats, etc. This section will include discussions and demonstrations relating to working green and dry wood, cutting blanks for bowl work, mounting techniques, methods of reverse chucking for bowl bottoms, and optional grinds for deep-fluted bowl gouges. The last area to explore will be end-grained hollowed items such as lidded boxes, goblets, end-grain bowls, toothpick holders, scoops, etc. Emphasis in Alan’s class is placed upon cutting and shear scraping techniques with traditional tools. Methods of sanding and finishing all projects will be covered in detail. In addition, Alan always works in some unexpected topics during the week to make the class engaging and exciting.

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