Woodturning Basics with Willard Lerums June 28-July 2, 2021

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$865 tuition + $45 materials

Key Points:
*Profile and sharpen all of your turning tools
*Quickly rough out a spindle using a spindle roughing gouge
*Cut coves and beads with the detail gouge
*Execute cuts unique to the skew chisel
*Learn roughing cuts and finishing cuts with the bowl gouge
*Shear scrape end grain and create a no-sand finish

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More Information on this Workshop

What is a decent lathe, and how much will it cost? What tools do I need for bowl turning? Can I use this set of tools I bought for $3 at the flea market? How on earth do you sharpen these tools? How can you hollow out something that big through a hole that small? What kind of felt do I use to cover the screw holes on the bottom of my bowls? How can I use the tree that just crushed the roof of my shop? These are just a few of the nagging questions new turners often ask. This will be an information-packed hands-on week covering the three major areas of woodturning: spindle turning, end grain hollowing (such as lidded containers or goblets), and bowl turning. Students will learn how to take a tool straight from the package, properly shape it, sharpen it and maintain its edge. Students will practice using the spindle roughing gouge, the detail gouge, the parting tool, and the skew chisel while turning a myriad of spindle projects. Participants will learn to use a round nose scraper with confidence while shear scraping the inside of a box or goblet. Willard will also demonstrate the safe and efficient use of the bowl gouge while turning several green wood bowls.

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