Wood Finishing Materials, Tools & Techniques with David Smith August 2-6, 2021

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$865 tuition + $75 materials

Key Points:
*Learn to create “story boards”
*Fast curing beautiful results
*How to incorporate dyes, stains, glazes and toners
*Learn French polishing with shellac
*Learn how to apply color on top of color
*Create custom colors and fix coloring mistakes
*Learn how to make your own shellac/lacquer paint

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You’ve just completed an incredible piece of furniture, which was the easy part, but how you choose to finish it is the hard part. Its common knowledge in woodworking that a mediocre project can become stunning with a beautiful finish and by the same regard, an incredible project can become mediocre with a poor finish. In this workshop David will walk students through the process of wood preparation, color theory and color matching. Once the color or stain is applied, David will discuss the differences between oil finishes, varnishes, shellacs, lacquers and water-based finishes. There are three ways these film finishes are applied; rag, brush or spray. David will demonstrate and discuss the proper techniques to all three. They say a project is never finished until the finish is finished. David will also show students the best way to add luster to the final finish and how to protect and maintain the surface for a lasting luster. In this weeklong class there will be ample time to complete a variety of “story boards” starting with the coloring of wood, coating application and the final rubout. These “story boards” will lead students to the correct finishing procedures for any project.

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Wood Finishing Materials, Tools & Techniques with David Smith August 2-6, 2021