Water Based Finishes with Mitch Kohanek August 29-30, 2020


$350 tuition + $15 materials

Key Points:
*Learn about the idiosyncrasies of Water based systems
*Understand what coloring systems are used
*How to choose the right Water based coating
*What are the best tools to apply Water based coatings
*Understand the techniques professionals use

Workshop Available

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This class will be an introduction on how to incorporate water based products for your woodworking projects. Sometimes choosing a finishing system is dictated by where you do your wood finishing. When solvent base finishes are not able to be used, water based finishing products can still deliver good coloring and protective coatings. Water based finishes have their own idiosyncrasies as do all other coatings for wood. In the two day class, Mitch will help explain how to use and what to expect from this unique wood finishing system.