Veneering Techniques & Processes with Adrian Ferrazzutti June 1-5, 2021 (Tues-Sat)

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$865 tuition + $60 materials

Key Points:
*Handling of veneer and dealing with its thin nature
*Basic to advanced principles of veneering and grain matching
*Creating 4-way and 12-way veneer patterns
*Parquetry designs: checker boards, Louis cubes & herringbone
*Hand plane skills to shoot seamless edge joints
*Vacuum and mechanical cold pressing techniques
*Machining and applying inlay
*Applying hardwood edging and waterfall edging
*Basic finishing for veneered surfaces

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More Information on this Workshop

Veneering is a wonderful way to make patterns and designs adding a decorative touch to any project. Adrian will start the week off by demonstrating various ways veneer can be cut to create geometric patterns called parquetry. Students will learn the process and technique of hand cutting veneer to create a variety of grain matching patterns such as book match, slip match and radial matches. Adrian will also show techniques for what he calls “Power Veneering” in which packs of veneer are cut using various machines. The goal is to have students try as many cutting techniques as possible throughout the week. Once students have practiced cutting and arranging veneers, they will make several practice boards that can later be made into small tabletops, trays or Lazy Susan’s. Discussions will include selecting veneer and what to look for, practical aesthetics of design regarding different ways to match grains, precision hand plane work, making patterns with seamless joints, applying inlays, friezes and edging as well as cold pressing techniques, surfacing and finishing. This class will be a balanced combination of hand tool and machine techniques with some machining of panels to size, inlays and solid wood edging.

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