Turning & Texturing Small Boxes with Steven Kennard August 10-14, 2020


$825 tuition + $65 materials

Key Points:
*Learn selection and use of suitable woods
*Discuss appropriate holding methods
*Acquire feel of and understand importance of sharp tools
*Explore use of correct tools to achieve desired results
*Achieve the perfectly fitting lid
*Master correct sanding and finishing techniques
*Select rotary tool and burrs for the task
*Experiment with surface texturing techniques

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item


In this workshop, Steven will share his passion for creating turned, decorative lidded boxes. The existing skills and abilities of each participant will be expanded as they apply what they learn from Steven’s use of form and proportion, as well as his techniques on texturing and finishing. The class will begin with executing a simple ‘copy’ piece, as the starting point in this journey. Each student will then be encouraged to use their newly acquired skills, knowledge and imagination to work on individual projects, guided by Steven. This will include selecting the appropriate materials, tools and holding methods for the wood as well as determining pleasing proportions of lid and body. Steven’s boxes are known to have precisely fitted lids and he will share tips and methods to enable students to achieve this for themselves. As the week moves on, students will progress to surface finishing, and decoration, with the use of rotary carving tools, planning and creating patterns which will add depth and dimension to the finished boxes. Students should finish the week with a number of completed boxes which will be their stepping stones to the continuation of their journey in this fascinating art.