Turned Treasures with Nick Agar August 8-9, 2020


$350 tuition + $100 materials

Key Points:
*Learn push, pull and shear cutting
*Honing and staying sharp
*Drilling with the tailstock and a drill chuck
*Light hollowing of a shallow vessel/container
*Shape and design proportions
*Turning a tenon or spigot
*Jam chucking, work holding and finishing
*Texture and bronzing the wooden surface

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item
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During this weekend packed class, students will turn and decorate bowls and boxes. Students will start by turning and texturing a small bowl, using a choice of power carving, rotary tools, hand held texturing wheels and punches. These treasured bowls will be either gilded or reactive patina painted to bronze the surface depending on your choice and design. Students will also make a lidded container and use metal reactive paint to bronze the surface. This will be with wood in an end grain orientation. Health and safety tool sharpening, ways to hold the work, and tool control will be covered in this fun packed two days.