Turned Bracelets: Combining Wood & Metals with Barry Gross August 22-23, 2020


$350 tuition; $100 payable to Barry

Key Points:
*Learn how to stabilize your own bangle bracelet blanks
*Achieve a perfect finish on your bangle bracelet
*Learn the best way to finish acrylics
*Learn how to use a four jawed chuck & mini jumbo jaws

Workshop Available

Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item
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Turning bangle bracelets is fun and easy! Barry will show students everything they need to know and then some on making unique and stunning bangle bracelets; from the raw wood to a finished product in just a short weekend. Material selection will be discussed; do you use acrylics, wood or a combination of wood and acrylic? All these materials will be thoroughly reviewed. How to stabilize your own bangle bracelet blanks will be demonstrated and the students will have a solid understanding on how to make their own blanks from material of their choosing by stabilizing the blanks themselves! Using a four jawed chuck, mini jumbo jaws and turning the blank is easy and fun (that is actually the shortest part of making a bangle bracelet). By the end of the weekend, each student will have made a minimum of two different bangle bracelets with emphasis on quality of fit and finish.