Turned Bowls with Carving, Pyrography & Color with Sharon Doughtie June 15-19, 2020


$825 tuition + $65 materials

Key Points:
*Best forms for burning and coloring interior
*Wood selection for burning and coloring
*How to avoid wood color bleed through
*Drawing a true curve on a curved surface
*Techniques for milk and acrylic paints
*Burning and branding techniques
*Using both rotary and reciprocating carvers
*Safety when turning, carving and burning

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This lively class will begin with students turning open formed side grain bowls with an eye towards carving feet on them and adding surface designs using various techniques such as rotary and reciprocal carving, pyrography (branding and line drawing) and color using milk and acrylic paints. Students are encouraged to bring their favorite turning tools. Sharon will be using bowl gouges and scrapers. She will discuss wood selection, as well as forms and proportions and what sizes and shapes make it easier to flow the designs onto the insides of the bowls. There will be demonstrations in the morning and afternoon each day featuring turning, woodburning techniques, how to make your own tips and the uses for various commercial burning pens. Sharon will demonstrate the burrs she uses for rotary carving as well as how and when to use a reciprocating carver. She will demo how she designs and burns in knotwork and ways to unwrap combine grids to come up with new graphics. Lastly, she will show ways to use both milk and acrylic paint and how to mix them together, then will discuss when and how to use various paintbrushes and what finish to put over paint. Students will have plenty of time to experiment with their own designs using a myriad of techniques. Students will turn at least a couple of bowls on which to experiment but are encouraged to bring pre-turned open form bowls for further experimentation in surface design.