Turn, Carve & Embellish: Bowls, Boxes & Plates with Nick Agar June 14-18, 2021

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$865 tuition + $75 materials

Key Points:
*Push/pull and shear cuts for the best results
*Staying sharp and honing for the best results
*Getting the best from your micro motor
*Air brush use and stencils
*Carving the rim of a platter
*Carving the side of a bowl
*Understanding shape, form and proportion
*Finding your own voice and standing out from the crowd

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More Information on this Workshop

This truly inspiring course is for anyone who wants to take their turned work to another level. Nick will demonstrate sharpening by revealing his special grinds and shapes that are easily reproduced and incredibly accurate. Students will learn cutting actions, such as the push/pull technique and shear cutting verses scraping. During the week, projects will include turning bowls, platters and boxes. Students will incorporate several holding techniques for tenons, remounting and chucking. Discussions will include different applications of surface decoration including power carving using either flexible drive units such as foredooms or Dremel, powered chisels, use of milo motors in carving, pyrography, air brushing and numerous surface texture techniques. Nick will share his secrets of how he finishes his work which will add value to any woodturnings.

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