Traditional Gluing Techniques: Working with Protein Glues with Patrick Edwards August 2, 2020 (Sun)


$165 tuition + $25 materials

Key Points:
*What are hide glues and where to buy them
*Finding and using a toothing plane
*Making a traditional veneer hammer
*Understanding vector clamping
*Reversing glue bonds
*Modifying protein glues

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For centuries furniture makers have built ordinary and spectacular creations which all have one thing in common: they all use traditional protein glues. There is a wide range of protein glues available for specific applications, from securing marquetry elements of ivory, brass or wood, to holding gold leaf to gesso, to laminations or solid wood construction. Fish glue, horsehide and cowhide glue, bone glue, and rabbit skin glue are the most common forms of this adhesive. It is important to understand each type and its proper use, as well as methods used to prepare, apply and clean up residue. All these glues are reversible and it is essential to know how this is accomplished. Patrick will demonstrate a wide variety of clamping tricks, from clamping curves and laminations, to hammer veneering and rubbed joints. Students will be provided with a pound of 192 gram strength hide glue and a bottle of Old Brown Glue to take home for further practice. Essential tools like a toothing plane, traditional glue pot, and veneer hammer will be analyzed and explained so that the student will understand which features are important for their personal collection.