Make an 18th Century Ball & Claw Footstool with Alf Sharp August 31 - September 4, 2020


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Key Points:
*Spindle turning
*Face-plate turning
*Jig making
*Sliding dovetails
*Sawing and sculpting cabriole legs

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One of the most iconic furniture forms to come out of the English and American 18th Century was the round-top tea table. Drinking tea, a new product from the far Orient, had only recently become a raging fad, and whole customs arose surrounding the activity, including specific pieces of furniture to support it. Round tea tables allowed the greatest number of close friends to sit in a very intimate gathering as they brewed and sipped the tea and gossiped about the affairs of the day. The best tables had a little mechanism called a “bird cage” that allowed the table top to turn, as well as allowing the top to tilt upright so the table could be conveniently stored up against a wall when not in use. In this class students will make a medium-sized tilting-top tea table, in the style of the late Queen Anne period. It’s a fairly simple project that still offers several challenges for the intermediate woodworker. There will also be a session on developing lathe skills. The end product will be a very elegant addition to your home.