Thinking Creatively to Solve Six Great Projects with Carl Booth May 9, 2020 (Sat)


$165 tuition + $20 materials

Key Points:
*Identifying unique problems
*Learning about error
*Sharing ideas and methods
*Woodworking as a successful business
*Having fun!!

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Creative thinking for six great projects in one day! These exciting topics will include how to put a corkscrew inside a bottle, how to make a toy that follows your commands, creating a magic wand that works, how to glue up a cutting board with over 500 pieces, “super-sizing” an intarsia project to wall size and finally how to make a cane that is both strong and light. Class members will discover the unique challenges each project presents and will discuss their possible solutions. Participants should be prepared to share ideas with others and conclude the best path forward. Carl will have a PowerPoint presentation for each project demonstrating his solutions for the topic and students will be given a copy of that presentation. Materials for each project will be available for purchase from Carl, if desired. The class will not be limited to these six ideas and discussions of other topics could take place.

CARL BOOTH is a math and physics retired schoolteacher and a founder of the number one in the world custom aviation plywood manufacturing business, now called booth veneers, that had sales in millions of dollars per month. he and his wife Kathie sold the business and now are having fun doing world travel and is using his creative thinking in solving the problems in woodworking every day in his home shop. creative thinking and problem solving is one of his greatest strengths he would like to share.