The Translucent Beauty of Alabaster: Carving, Shaping, Turning & Inlay with Christopher White June 12-13, 2021

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$365 tuition + $50 materials

Key Points:
*Shaping stone with power
*Using rasps to establish and refine planes
*Learning the art of wet sanding to a high polish
*Incorporating stone with wood
*Inlay techniques

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Workshop Completed

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More Information on this Workshop

Alabaster is one of the oldest known mediums used in art. The pages of history are filled with stone inlay, vases, boxes and sculptures from ancient Babylon, Egypt and Greece—all made of alabaster. So why was it so widely used? Perhaps alabaster’s broad range of colors and patterns or its rich translucent beauty are the reasons. More likely alabaster’s popularity was due to the softness of the stone and the artist’s ability to cut and shape the stone with many of the same tools used to shape wood. Come learn to shape and work with alabaster, it can be turned, inlaid, detailed or sculpted into delicate forms, with just a few tools you probably already own. This soft stone can be sanded and polished with wet/dry sandpaper to an incredible shine. Students will have the opportunity to work with a good variety of colors. Stone will also be available for purchase after the workshop.

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