The Learning Curve of Laminate Bending with Reed Hansuld May 24-28, 2021

Craftsmanship Across the Board


$865 tuition + $90 materials

Key Points:
*Making templates
*Form construction
*Tapered and doubled tapered laminations
*Steambent laminations
*Strap laminations
*Free form laminations
*Safely cleaning up laminations
*Joining curved pieces
*Shaping curves

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Workshop Completed

More Information on this Workshop

In this workshop students will dissect the advanced techniques of the process of laminating into unique shapes. Reed will begin by discussing when laminating is the appropriate technique to obtain your desired part. He will also demonstrate which of the laminating strategies is best suited to achieve repeatable results. Students are encouraged to bring a full-sized drawing of a project they are working on that incorporates at least one bent component. Reed will help students strategize the best technique to achieve their bent part(s) and oversee them working through the process to achieve a successful bend. Throughout the week Reed will discuss and demonstrate various advanced techniques such as tapered and double tapered laminations, pre-steam bent laminations, strap laminations, free form laminations, as well as joinery and shaping curved components.

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