The Colorful World of Neon with David Svenson June 15-19, 2020


$825 tuition + $150 materials

Key Points:
*Anatomy of a neon sign
*Introduction of equipment – safety first
*Color palette, gas, glass and phosphor coating
*Neon is glass blowing
*Basic bends and sealing (connecting) glass
*Pattern making and understanding pattern symbols
*Bombarding (processing) procedures
*Transformer technology
*Installation of neon tubing and wiring
*Neon and compatible materials
*Mold blowing glass forms
*Single electrode sculptures that light up

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This class will introduce students to the many possibilities that “neon” can offer. Students will start immediately with hands-on training over the fires with simple but very rewarding projects. Students will gain a basic understanding of the manufacturing of neon tubes and the step-by-step procedure of processing tubes as well as maintenance and safety of the equipment. Examples of both traditional and artistic experimentation will be presented and demonstrated. Journeymen spend years developing their skills! Neon involves a multifaceted set of skills from the challenges of flame working the glass tubing, to the scientific process of charging the tubes with the inert gas. The class will explore neon as a “mixed media” and how these luminous tubes can be incorporated and presented with other materials such as wood, glass and concrete.