The Business of Woodworking By Hand: 52 Years of Success with Patrick Edwards October 23, 2021 (Sat)

Craftsmanship Across the Board


Key Points:
*How to manage diverse income streams
*How to price your work
*Where to find clients
*Time management skills
*Material and tool acquisition
*Establishing a location
*Cost effective promotion

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If you have considered a business in woodworking using only hand tools or if you are just interested in the day to day operations of a successful small workshop, then this full day presentation by W. Patrick Edwards is the perfect workshop. Patrick began his career in woodworking in 1969, while he was in college pursuing a degree in Applied Physics. During the next four years he secured his degree and a position in High Energy Physics research, while maintaining his small refinishing business at the same time. By 1973 he was producing ten shows on CBS, titled “Welcome to the Past….the History of American Antiques,” as well as teaching Decorative Art classes four nights a week at local adult schools and colleges. Eventually all these woodworking commitments began to conflict with the demands of his research position. When the head of Personnel gave him an ultimatum to “decide between your hobby and your career” he retired from physics.
In spite of the fact that Patrick had never taken a woodshop class or a business class, he has established a successful company, Antique Refinishers, Inc., as well as a marquetry school, the American School of French Marquetry, Inc., and developed the well-known product, Old Brown Glue, which is distributed internationally. Here is an opportunity to spend a day learning how to advance your business from one of America’s premier, and successful, woodworker.

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