The Blacker House Entry Mirror with Tim Celeski June 6-7, 2020


$350 tuition + $85 materials

Key Points:
*How to apply key details that make Greene & Greene pieces so elegant
*Learn to apply production techniques for perfect fits
*Work with pattern shaping and CNC jigs for accurate work
*Learn how to construct a challenging angled haunched joint
*Learn how make perfect pillowed ebony plugs
*Learn what it takes to build a great entry mirror
*Learn how to select the right woods for strength

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When you enter the great Greene & Greene masterpiece –The Blacker House in Pasadena– you’ll be immediately struck by the outstanding cabinet with carved panels to the right and the very elegant mirror just above it. Though this piece is not very well known-like the famous Blacker Chairs, it’s a wonderful and subtle piece with perfect proportions and elegant details. This mirror will make for the perfect gift! It’s just the right size for any home and fits extremely well in any décor from Arts & Crafts to Contemporary. This vertical mirror is 38” x 16” and offers special challenges to the woodworker. Most notable is a very unusual angled haunched joint at the top that must fit perfectly. It’s challenging and tricky to perfect. Students will use very precise jigs that can easily be duplicated at home to make more of these wonderful mirrors.