The Basics of 3D Carving: Bringing the Wood to Life with David Franklin September 28-October 2, 2020


$825 tuition + $75 materials

Key Points:
*Principles of basic sculpture
*Using a variety of views to layout a sculpture
*Using a variety of carving techniques and tools
*Hand tool sharpening
*The basics of Northwest sculpture and design
*Techniques for an organized approach to carving
*Introduction to Northwest carving styles and legends
*Working with bent knives and adzes
*Carving fair surfaces and planes
*Learn how to take drawings and turn them into 3D reality
*How to select a wooden block and learn wood grain carving

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This week will be a fun adventure that will teach students how to think three dimensionally in a manner that will allow them to carve almost anything they can imagine visualize three dimensionally, and how to use multiple views to learn to carve sculpture. This class is intended to empower students too, as it breaks down sculpture in basic, easy to understand elements. Everyone will start from a block of wood and work through the steps it takes to crate a sculpture. David typically brings specific projects for everyone to work on. However, this year students will have the option to work on a specific class project or an individual one under David’s direction. Students will be guided through the process of realizing how a sculpture goes from a drawing into reality. Starting with a block of wood, drawings and models, students will dive into their project. Whether using chisels and mallets or bent knives and adzes, a variety of tools and skills will be used in the sculptural carving process. David is one of America’s premier craftsmen—and an excellent instructor. If you have ever wanted to learn how to carve in dimensional form, this would be the perfect place to learn.