The Art of Violin Making Part II: Beginning the Body with David Finck September 8-13, 2020 (Tues-Sun )


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Key Points:
*Prepare ribs, blocks and linings
*Bend sides and linings on a bending iron
*Learn to work with hot hide glue
*Assemble parts on internal mold
*Glue-up back and top plates

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Students will begin by making the violin’s body patterned after the 1716 Stradivari “Messiah”. The internal form (which holds the rib violin sides structure), and all necessary templates (outlines and archings of the back and top). The materials for making this type of violin will need to be purchased, but the violin students make in this workshop WILL NOT be from a kit. David will show students how to prepare the materials for and assemble the complete rib structure, and then begin work on the back and top plates. Although this workshop is called Part II, it is not necessary that students have attended Part I. This will be a workshop for anyone who desires to learn about the intricacies of making a violin body shape.