Techniques for Sharpening Edge Tools, Set Up & Use with Chris Gochnour June 13-14, 2020


Key Points:
*Survey abrasives used in sharpening
*Utilize grinding techniques
*Develop proficiency in honing blades to a razor’s edge
*Set up planes for working highly figured woods
*Open the door to scraper success
*Learn how to tune and use spoke shaves in contoured work

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Hand tools have a rightful and well-deserved place in the woodshop. They are quiet, dust free and effective. Most of all, they are enjoyable to use. In this workshop you will learn how to tune and use hand tools. We will consider planes, scrapers and spoke shaves. Students will learn a quick and easy sharpening routine that provides consistent results. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various abrasives used in sharpening and a variety of accessories (honing guides and such) to aid in the sharpening process. Bench planes (smoothing, fore and jointer), shoulder planes and block planes will be examined, including a discussion about when to utilize a cambered, straight or skewed blade and how to prepare each blade for use. The pros and cons of bevel up vs. bevel down applications will also be discussed. We will then turn to scrapers, a vital asset in any shop. We will consider the simplest of tools, the card scraper, and then progress to the cabinet scraper (Stanley #80 or equivalent) and scraper planes. The class will conclude with a review of spoke shaves for use in round, curved and contoured applications. Spoke shaves that incorporate concave, round and flat soles will be considered. Bring your own tools so you can leave with them sharpened and ready to use. If you don’t have tools, the school will have an assortment for you to tune and use. This will be a fun, informative and meaningful class for every caliber of woodworker.