"Steps" for Building a Staircase with John Ressler June 6-7, 2020


Key Points:
*Learn the considerations that must be taken to complete a successful stair design
*Figure rise and run of a stair
*Learn how to layout and build a half circle starting tread
*Observe how to “roll” a curved riser for the half circle tread
*How to mathematically calculate a curved stair
*Curved stair building procedures

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Welcome to the world of stairs. The craft of stair building offers numerous challenges as well as endless possibilities. All these possibilities put together are enough to frighten many people away from attempting this rewarding experience. There are many ways to approach the building of stairs. In this course, John will show the “steps” to design, layout, fabricate and install stairs. The emphasis will be to “keep it simple”. On day two, most of the day will be focused on the elusive art of curved stair design and layout.