Steam Bending a Designer Maker Chair with Charlie Whinney June 6-7, 2020


Key Points:
*Basics of steam bending
*Hot laminating
*Power carving curved parts
*Basics of sustainable design practice
*Introduction to ergonomics in chair design
*How to draw a chair – the easy way
*Jig making & drying jigs
*How to review your new design

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Experience a creative weekend like no other; over the course of two days students will learn a selection of basic and advanced steambending processes. As a group, students will design and develop a new eco-friendly chair prototype and concept that will be signed by everyone involved and be placed on display. Students will gain insight into a new creative way of thinking and learn a range of professional techniques for coming up with new ideas which may change their creative process forever. This course is suitable for anyone curious about different ways of steam bending and is perfect for professionals looking for a breath of fresh air in creating their own designs.