Shellac & Waterbase Finishes, Old World/New World, Tools, Materials & Techniques with Dave Smith May 10-14, 2021

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$865 tuition + $60 materials

Key Points:
*How to mix your own shellac
*Old world techniques for applying shellac
*The best brushes for you to use for shellac and waterbase finishes
*How to make waterbase finishes look like solvent base finishes
*How to spray shellac and waterbase

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Shellac is such an amazing natural wood finish, with over 300 years of proven success in America. Yet, many of the tools, techniques, processes and even the reason to use shellac have been forgotten. David will reintroduce students to the forgotten tools and techniques typically used when applying shellacs. He will also cover how to mix (“cut”) by volume so students will understand the different ways shellac can be prepared for usage. Shellac can work hand-in-hand with some of the more modern finishes, especially waterbased finishes. Combining the old tried and true finishing methods (shellac) with the new high-performance modern coatings and colors (waterbased), can really be exciting! The best part is that the odors are not overwhelming! These finishes can be hand applied with a pad or brush or can be sprayed with high tech spray equipment. Students will get a chance to experience every way possible to work with these two incredible finishes; shellac and waterbase. Sign up today and learn how to combine the best of the past, with the best of the future.

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