Shellac & Lacquer Systems with Dave Smith August 24-28, 2020


$825 tuition + $75 materials

Key Points:
*Learn to create “story boards”
*Fast curing beautiful results
*How to incorporate dyes, stains, glazes and toners
*Learn French polishing with shellac
*Learn how to apply color on top of color
*Create custom colors and fix coloring mistakes
*Learn how to make your own shellac/lacquer paint

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Mitch has designed this special workshop around two coatings that allow for fast, beautiful results that will create a glowing luster on any project. No other coatings, such as waterbase or oil based varnishes, will be discussed, instead the focus will be on shellac and solvent based lacquer. Students will learn about making “story boards” which will include using dyes, stains, glazes and toners. Color theory will be discussed which will allow students the opportunity to learn how to apply a color on top of a color. Spray guns, aerosol cans and brushes will be used to apply the coatings. French polishing with shellac will also be covered. In this week long class there will be ample time to complete a variety of “story boards” starting with the coloring of wood, coating application and the final rubout. These “story boards” will lead students to the correct finishing procedures for any project. It should be noted that while lacquer is the industry’s choice of finish to spray, solvent based lacquer needs to have a professional spray booth set up to safely apply this finish. Mitch will also share options for spraying for those who don’t currently have booths.