Selecting, Grading & Milling Hardwood Lumber with Jerry C. Forshee (Sat) July 16, 2022

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Most woodworkers are aware that better quality and lower priced lumber can be purchased by buying saw mill or rough hewn lumber. But many are not familiar with the milling process or lack sufficient confidence in stock preparation to realize these cost savings. If this describes your situation or if you just want more information about milling lumber or want to see the process live, then this class is for you. Are you mystified by the terms used in grading hardwood lumber? Are you unsure how to find the best vendor for hardwood in your area? Then this class is for you. Have you ever struggled with how to face joint a 9″ board on your 6″ jointer? Then this class is for you. From the jointer, planer, table saw to miter saw, Jerry will discuss and demonstrate the sequential steps necessary to process rough hewn saw mill lumber into perfectly straight, flat and square S4S lumber ready to be cut and jointed into precision parts for fine furniture. The grading of hardwood lumber, finding the best hardwood vendor in your area and how to select the best boards when on site at the hardwood vendor will all be discussed. Numerous jigs will be shown and demonstrated which allow the woodworker to overcome the size limitations of available machines.

Unique Instructor Jerry Forshee

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Key Points:
*The terms used in grading hardwood lumber will be demystified and explained
*Tips for choosing a hardwood vendor and how to select lumber
*The function and proper use of the jointer, planer, table saw and miter saw for milling stock flat
*The sequential process of milling rough hewn lumber into precision parts for fine furniture
*Techniques and strategies for dealing with lumber distortion such as cup, bow, crook and twist
*Jigs that account for size limitations of the machine available

Workshop Days: Saturday
Instruction Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm (EST)
Note: During the work week, the shop remains open after 6:00 p.m. for handwork, design, research, catch-up work and socializing.

Selecting, Grading & Milling Hardwood Lumber with Jerry C. Forshee (Sat) July 16, 2022


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