Router Table Joinery with George Vondriska May 2, 2020 (Sat)


Key Points:
*Router table as a jointer
*Rail and stile door joints
*Mortise and tenon
*Fast and strong box corners
*Drawer lock bit
*Lock miter bit
*Tricks to simplify set up

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A router table is one of the most versatile tools in the shop, capable of many operations, including joinery. George will show many common joints that can be made on a router table. No jointer in your shop? Don’t sweat it. With some limitations it’s possible to use the router table as a jointer; just add a simple shop made fence. Plan on making doors? George will show how to correctly set up and use rail and stile bits. Want a fast way to make drawers and boxes? Lock rabbets with a slot cutter might be your best choice. Ever considered making mortise and tenon joints for your furniture projects? George will cover that as well. He will also break down the set up on two bits that often make smoke come out of woodworkers’ ears; drawer lock and lock miter are two of the hardest set ups in the router world. With each joint George will show a variety of tricks that will simplify set up and make work easier to do and more accurate. Put away your ruler, George does most of the set up by transferring measurements and using gauge blocks. This allows work to be easier and more repeatable.