Public Artwork: The Business Side of Taking Your Work to the Masses with David Franklin September 26-27, 2020


Key Points:
*Confidence and skills
*See how to enhance a resume, bio and portfolio
*Demystify the public art process
*Identify resources and opportunities in your region/nationally
*Portfolio tips and formatting for application process.

Sold Out. Please Call Paula at 317-535-4013 to be added to the waiting list.

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If those who are trying to push their creative expression forward into a larger scale, and to a wider audience, this class could help open many public doors. Public art and the associated organizations helped David enter a larger world with greater opportunities. This class is designed to help students define and refine their creative vision. David will show how to assemble all the parts of a public portfolio and how to access opportunities available to other creative people, but in a way that help give participants a competitive edge. Students will be exposed to everything from how to prepare your resume, bio, images of your work, proposals, budget writing, and some of the best places to find opportunities that fit each students’ best assets. Learning to navigate this process can be extremely difficult the first time your work is presented on the public stage. This class is intended to make it a less intimidating process, and to help prepare you to become a better candidate for public work at large. Students don’t need to be an art scholar or an academic for this class, it is purely for those people compelled to create and to find new ways to push the limits of what is possible in your public career from a purely practical approach.